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Fantasy Hockey: Post All-Star Prognostications

The glory Toews are ahead.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

10 Bold Post All-Star Break Prognostications

1. Florida Panthers will post around a 55% win percentage through the remainder of the year and make the playoffs. The team is 5-3-2 over their last ten and I think we are going to see some powerful numbers from Jonathan Marchessault (44% owned) and Vincent Trocheck (61% owned)

2. Sidney wins scoring title and Connor wins points title (yawn) BUT Cam Atkinson continues his pace and finishes in the top 5 in goals. It likely won't extend to next season but he's playing with a renewed confidence and I think the All-Star bump is only going to help him.

3. Jimmy Howard 180's (currently #1 in GAA and Save Percentage) and spirals down bad over the next 2 months finishing outside the top 10 in both. He is so streaky I think he hit his mountain and now will hit a valley.

4. Jeff Skinner scored 18 goals through his first 48 games, he scores another 18 over his last 34. (currently 80% owned). He's firing shots on goal at a furious pace.

5. Rickard Rakell scored 21 goals over his last 41 games, we see him score less than 13 through the rest of the season. It was a good run.

6.  Henrik Lundqvist had 2 shutouts through his first 38 games, he has 4 between now and the end of the season. As the season wears on his focus and determination usually tend to come through strong.

7. Jonathan Toews has a powerful 2 month space moving from 9 goals to 25 and 10th place in faceoffs won to top 3. He hit a cold spot but his determination and hard work as a player won't let that maintain, I think we see a renewed version of him after some time with fellow All-Stars.

8. Jeff Carter goes cold scoring less than 13 over the last two months of the season.  His current shooting percentage is 16.6%, completely unsustainable. In addition I keep waiting for another Kings player to really step up big, when that happens we will see his Assists go up as production moves elsewhere, he has really carried a lot of their production so far this season. They are 21st in goals scored and he currently accounts for 20% of their goals this season.

9. Patrick Laine and Auston Matthews TIE at the end of the season with 38 goals a piece. It would be extremely rare for this to happen but they are a great story to watch as they go back and forth showing why they were a deserving #1 and #2 in last years draft, they should be a very talented force in the league for years to come.

10. Corey Crawford (22nd in GAA and 20th in SV %) finishes the season in the top 10 for both. Chicago is so powerful in the late part of the season I expect them to turn it up.