Need an AL Central owner - free ESPN league - H2H, each owners owns an MLB division

I am looking for 1 other owners to participate in a 6 person H2H category league in which each owner represents one of the 6 divisions in MLB. You get all of the players that are in each division – so each team has talent. Your team will not have one good player and scrubs. This would be a free, ESPN league, no waiver wire – add/swap out your players every day. Choose a talented division! Choose the division in which your favorite team resides! Just please participate and set your line up. The rosters will be large enough to hold each teams every day players, and each team’s starting lineup will the size of an everyday major league batting line-up with standard pitching settings. You would be uploading your own roster from ESPN’s pool. Obviously no trading players (blocked setting) and stealing players from another division. View the league here:

AL West - taken

AL East - taken

AL Central - available

NL West - taken

NL East - taken

NL Central - taken

Reply here to join, or email me at: for an invite or with any questions and suggestions. Thanks!

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