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Bold Predictions Week 14: A Mile High Win for the Broncos

Plus Tyrod is a Top Ten

NFL: Denver Broncos at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Recapping last week’s picks:

1. The Bills beat the Patriots

Outcome: (Grade: D): Welp, Tom Brady did Tom Brady like things and as the voters, you knew it would happen, the votes turned out 77% in favor of Patriots winning.

2. Minnesota Vikings beat the Atlanta Falcons

Outcome: (Grade: A) The Vikings pulled out this drag out knuckle match and voters knew it go in favor of the Vikings. 72% of you picked Minnesota!

3. The Green Bay Packers beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Outcome: (Grade: A). This one went into OT and was quite the match. As voters, 70% of you agreed that the Packers would win.

4. The Detroit Lions beat the Baltimore Ravens

Outcome: (Grade: D). I’ll be honest, this was the bold prediction I felt most confident on as I thought I knew who the Ravens were. I was wrong and among the votes, you were all quite split on this as well as 53% picked the Lions to win this one. The Ravens came out with a 44-20 win.

5. Seattle Seahawks beat the Philadelphia Eagles.

Outcome: (Grade: A). The Seahawks did what they do so often at home – they won. The bested the Eagles 24-10 to join non picked SF over Chicago and Jets over Chiefs amidst UPSET-A-GEDDON! Only 41% of the collective predicted the Seahawks would win.

Week 14 Bold Picks:

1. Tyrod Taylor is a top 10 Fantasy QB this week.

Background: The 22nd ranked QB is coming off a Benching AND THEN a paltry effort where he threw for 65 yards and 1 INT against a very weak New England pass defense. NOW he faces quite possibly the worst pass defense in the NFL in the Indianapolis Colts and I’m banking on a strong comeback effort from him. He is just 47% owned so if you are somehow in the playoffs with nothing good at QB, here is my recommendation.

NFL: New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

2. Alfred Morris rushes for 80 yards and 1 TD.

Background: I’m not sure if anyone remembers 6 weeks ago when I was all in on Alfred Morris. And then Ezekiel’s suspension was overturned and Alfred was forgotten. But then the suspension was upheld and Alfred came in 3 weeks later and went off for 127 yards and 1 TD against the Washington Redskins last Thursday. Well, he won’t do THAT well but the Cowboys offensive line looked VASTLY improved and the Giants have really mailed in the remainder of the season with the recent firings. 71% owned currently.

3. Denver snaps it’s 8 game losing streak against the Jets this week.

Background: Sure they went from 3-1 to 3-9. Sure they have the second worst giveaway/takeaway ratio in the NFL, sure their three quarterbacks all have more interceptions than touchdowns, sure excellent rush defense has fallen apart. Sure they have half the wins of anyone else in the AFC West. What they do have is a decent home record at Mile High (3-3) and they face the NYJ who have been MUCH better than anticipated at 5-7 BUT they are 1-4 on the road having bested the Cleveland Browns and losing to Buffalo, Oakland, Miami and Tampa Bay (hardly a tough group).

4. Kenny Golladay racks up 70+ receiving yards for the first time this year.

Background: Detroit is using him since his return in week 10 with 3-4 targets each week and he is bringing in an average of 2 for 40-60 yards each week. They now face Tampa Bay who is not only giving up the 2nd most yards but the 7th most average yards. Detroit will look to air the ball out a bit and Kenny could bring in 3 for 70+ yards this week. He is 10% owned for deep league playoff searches.

5. Baltimore Ravens have a pick-6 against the Pittsburgh Steelers

Background: The Ravens lead the league with 3 pick-6’s this year. Big Ben has tossed 13 interceptions this year, good enough for 7th most in the league. This one won’t be simple but I think in this smash them up matchup I could see it happening.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

2017 Report card:

A – 15

B – 10

C – 12

D – 23

Here is how I will be grading my Bold picks this year

A – The bold pick happened as I stated

B – The bold pick did NOT happened as stated but the idea behind it was there (example I predicted Jesse James would have 0 TDs and fewer than 20 yards in week 2, he had 27 yards, the general idea to avoid him in fantasy was present.

C – The bold pick did NOT happen and the overall feel for what occurred had you saying “meh”

D – The bold pick was nowhere near accurate