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Buy Now! Good As New Fantasy Player on the Rise!

Looking for 50+pts for Low Cost? We have your Player!

NHL: Arizona Coyotes at Columbus Blue Jackets Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

Time to test my Car Salesman pitch.

Hey there, you look like a fella who wants to do real well in his fantasy hockey league!! With the end of the calendar year just around the corner we have some great deals on the lot, a combination of excess supply and low demand has some great deals sitting on your doorstep! Come on over here and let me show you this ‘good as new’ used model that we have on our lot. We just upgraded some parts on it and it is running better than new with it’s added usage!

What if I told you that I could get you the second highest scorer on a top ten NHL team who is currently playing alongside a 30 goal scorer? Do I have your attention? Well let me tell you more about this exciting model that we just moved to the front of the lot. Do you see it in the showcase window up there? We were nervous that noone was really paying attention to it in the back of the lot so now it’s on display for everyone to marvel at it’s magnificent capabilities. This player was a very promising prospect and won a Calder Cup in the AHL scoring 16 points during the playoff run in 17 games. Prior to that he scored over 100 points in consecutive seasons in the WHL. As I said, he’s the second highest scorer and is currently on the second line with his ATOI increasing from earlier in the season when he was on the 3rd line. Recently, he was promoted to the top power play line where he plays alongside a player who has a goal every 3 games and another player who leads the team in scoring. He has 4 power play points, he’s shooting at 9.8% above league average and he is a plus 10! He usually comes in the color Blue but he depending on what city you are in as well as the time of year, this model can also come in white and green. As I mentioned, the mileage is very low, only 74 NHL games, that’s less than one year!

So, you want to know the price eh? Well he’s only 11% owned so there is a good chance you can get him for reach cheap. Just think for a small pittance in cost you could be showing off this brand new player to your league and be the real envy of the neighborhood. I would recommend you don’t delay too much on this decision, while the cost is low now, his 8 points in the last 7 games have started to attract attention, why his ownership percentage went up 2 points over night! This 89th overall pick in the 2013 draft is on his way up the production latter and I’m offering you a great chance to get him now at this low low price! At 22 years old, this talented Dannish native scored THE game winning goal to win the Calder Cup! He went on to win the Jack A Butterfield Trophy (Calder MVP) for his efforts! The model is foreign and the name is very tough to pronounce so we just call him “Ollie”. Bjorkstrand is not exactly an easy last name to pronounce.

What do you say, why don’t we go back to my office and we can talk to my manager about what kind of financing you want to use for the purchase of this gently used Oliver Bjorkstrand!