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Fake Teams fantasy football mailbag: Lots of Nick Foles questions

Plus which rookie running back do you spend your first overall pick on.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the Fake Teams’ fantasy football mailbag. In the bag this week: who to spend your first round dynasty pick on, is Josh Gordon worth snagging?, Jimmy G or Nick Foles & more.

If you want to send in your questions for next week’s mailbag, here are the ways to join:

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  • leave your question in the comments!

Onto the mailbag:

Q: Foles vs Giants, Goff at Seattle or Winston vs Atlanta?
— @banjo2789

Right off the bat, no to Goff in Seattle. The last time these two teams played, Goff scored the fewest points he has all season. It’s why I’m currently running a twitter poll to see if I start Alex Smith or Goff. Let’s flip the tables here. What do ya’ll think I should do?

And a no to Winston as well. The Bucs are imploding and I don’t trust Jameis to right the ship against a surging Falcons team that’s fighting for a playoff spot. I think this Falcons defense could be a good play and could get you some turnovers. So I guess my answer is Nick Foles. Wow. Did not think that when I started this answer. But it’s hard to argue against a serviceable quarterback, playing with probably the best weapons he’s ever had, with a potent rushing attack and against the worst pass defense in the NFL. So yea, Nick Foles for the win!

Q: Hunt, Fournette or Howard pick 1 full ppr
— @whskyontherox

It’s funny you ask this as we just talked about this situation on the podcast Wednesday (shameless plug. You should listen to it. Here, let me save you the effort of finding it. It’s right here:)

Anyway, I asked Clark and our guest Daniel Kelley would they rather have Hunt or Fournette in a dynasty league. My initial thought was Leonard Fournette because you’re trusting all the touches that he gets and just the fact that the Jaguars want to run the ball for future years but a great point that Daniel brought up is making sure you take advantage of the whole “points per reception” thing in PPR leagues. Fournette, while a great running back, doesn’t quite have as developed a passing game as Jordan Howard and nowhere near the level of Kareem Hunt.

With all that taken into consideration, I’d have to say Hunt. I know that he’s just coming out of a lull but that lull is very common for rookies who are still adjusting to the game and a longer season. Plus, Kansas City is a team that looks to use their running backs and get the most out of them. Remember when Jamaal Charles was tearing apart the league? Between the years 2010 and 2014, Charles finished 4th, 100th (because he tore his ACL), 8th, 1st and 7th among running backs in fantasy. That’s a good sign for Hunt moving forward.

Q: I have 3 of the strongest wrs in fantasy (Keenan, Tyreek Hill, and Thielen), should Josh Gordon even be crossing my mind?

Also, I need a #2 rb; Barber, White, Forte, or Bernard?

Thanks a lot!
— James S.

Now my apologies to James who likely intended this to be in last week’s mailbag as it was sent to me last Friday. But at least his first question is an interesting conundrum to entertain.

Here’s my thought: It never hurts to stock up on as much talent as you possibly can. You never know what could happen—injuries, poor play, sudden benchings, alien attacks—and at the very least you now know your opponent can’t get said player. So, if you have the roster space for Josh Gordon, and assuming he’s still available, I would add him. I think he certainly has fantasy value and while you’re loaded at the receiver position right now, you never know what could happen.

Now, your second question I am making the assumption is meant for last week’s action given when this email was sent. For this week, just incase you’re curious, I would say Peyton Barber.

Hope I helped!

Q: Burkhead or Marvin Jones for flex spot? PPR league...
— @Rainey_KC


All the man does is score touchdowns.

Q: Should I go with Jimmy Garoppolo or Nick Foles this week? Lost Josh McCown and Carson Wentz last week.

Also 1st week of championship should I win this?
— Wyatt M.

Wyatt, that is a tough, tough week to go through and I am sorry. Now, as a Patriots fan and an admirer of Jimmy Garoppolo’s quarterbacking skills and striking features, I have a hard time picking against him. However, Nick Foles is facing the Giants and the Giants are just absolutely awful at stopping quarterbacks scoring bundles of fantasy points. Damn, this is a tougher question than I anticipated. Gah, my heart says Jimmy but my gut says Foles. So go with Foles.

QB: Russell Wilson might just be matchup proof after what he did against the Jaguars (even with the three interceptions, still gave you a big game) 0/1

RB1: Did you see what Kenyan Drake did to the Patriots’ defense? Yikes, I am not looking forward to watching Bell run all over us. 0/2

RB2: Finally, a worthy challenge for Alvin Kamara. Kamara is coming back from a concussion BUT the Seahawks gave Gurley his worst game when they played earlier in the season. I’ll show Kamara a little love. 1/2

WR1: Michael Thomas. Easy. 2/3

WR2: Remember what happened last time Julio played Tampa? 3/3

TE: Both guys have similar stats, it’s just Engram scores more touchdowns. 4/3

FLEX: McCaffe (though actually I think Jonathan Stewart is going to be the big time running back in this game). Gore is 300 years old and coming off the most carries in a game in his career. 5/2

D/ST: Ravens. They’re playing Deshone “I’m playing 500” Kizer 5/3

K: I have Gould on my team so I hope him. 6/3

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