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Carson Wentz tore his ACL & is out for the season

In related news: I hate everything.

Philadelphia Eagles v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Welp, there you have it people, Carson Wentz has indeed torn his ACL and will miss the rest of the season:

This is devastating news for both the Eagles—who were looking primed for a Super Bowl run—fantasy owners everywhere, and most importantly Wentz himself. Wentz was putting together a MVP season in his second year and looked like the franchise guy everyone expected him to be. It sucks to see a young talent like him get seriously injured, especially in a season like this were it seems anyone who’s the least bit exciting gets injured.

Because this is a fantasy site, I gotta at least mention some fantasy things. First off, Nick Foles—who let’s not forget has had moments of greatness in his career—is now the starting quarterback for the rest of the season. Personally, if you were a Wentz owner, I don’t think Foles should be your answer. Yes he’s a good quarterback and we’ve seen backups for multiple teams come in and suddenly perform admirably (most notably Case Keenum in Minnesota) but there are starting quarterbacks out there available in most leagues that give you better upside throughout the playoffs.

I mentioned some options in my Week 14 waiver wire adds but the biggest name out there is Blake Bortles. I know that sounds crazy, but Bortles and the Jaguars have an extremely favorable fantasy playoff schedule the next three weeks (vs Texans, 49ers, and Titans). Also, if you’re really lucky, some noob in your league might have dropped Aaron Rodgers thinking that he wouldn’t return this season. Well spoiler alert, he is. So if he’s available, go get him.

Who knows how this will affect other members of the Eagles offense but I would expect the team to maybe have a little bit more of a run focus in the coming weeks, meaning Jay Ajayi and LeGarrette Blount’s value could be on the uptick. Sadly for me, this probably means Zach Ertz’s value takes a big step down given that a) not only is he still struggling with injury himself but b) he and Wentz seemed locked in together and he was Wentz’s go-to guy. We’ll see who Foles quickly develops chemistry with.

Just remember, no matter how much you think this sucks for your fake team, it sucks a hell of a lot more for Wentz. Best of luck in the recovery process Carson, hoping for the best!