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Who would you rather have the rest of the season?

Alvin Kamara or Kareem Hunt? Carson Wentz or Alex Smith? Let’s see who you think will have the best conclusion to the season.

USA Today/Peter Rogers Illustrations

However you want to cut the season, we’re officially past the halfway point. As soon as you hit double digit weeks it’s past halfway in my book. I thought it would be fun to create a few pairings of fantasy players and see how you the readers think they’ll fare against one another for the rest of the season.

Now don’t think these pairings random. I have my reasons for each one, especially my wide receiver pairing. That in the business is called a tease.

Anyways, let’s see who you’d rather have for the rest of the season!


In retrospect, I should have thought of two better quarterbacks to compare since the Wentz love is for real and the “Alex Smith is average” narrative is a beast that can not be killed. But don’t think that these two guys are worlds apart. Wentz is averaging just half a fantasy point per game more than Smith, though Wentz has had the hotter hand in recent weeks. I’m not disagreeing with the masses here. I’d much rather have Wentz for the rest of the year as my starting quarterback. Maybe I should have picked like Jared Goff or Kirk Cousins for the rest of the year. Now there’s an exciting question.

Running back

Now we have some disagreement. I understand that Kareem Hunt has been a fantasy monster to start this season, but that hasn’t rung true over the past few weeks. In the last four games, Hunt is averaging only 3.2 yards per carry, 48 yards per game, and most damning, hasn’t scored a touchdown either on the ground or through the air. Meanwhile, Kamara has started to become a star in the Saints offense. Over the same time period, Kamara has 228 yards on the ground on 37 carries (Hunt has 191 on 58) and 194 yards on 18 receptions (Hunt has 165 on 16). But most importantly, Kamara has three total touchdowns in that span (two rushing, one receiving). I’m not saying Hunt is going to be worthless down the stretch, but I find it curious so many people would rather him than Kamara right now.

Wide receiver

Don’t scoff at this pairing, I did this very much on purpose. For starters, Marvin Jones has scored more total fantasy points than Mike Evans. Crazy I know, but true. And much like my two running backs, Jones is currently taking off while Evans seems to be stuck in molasses. Here’s Jones’ total stat line the past three weeks: 36 targets, 19 receptions, 331 yards, three touchdowns. Meanwhile, Evans has 26 targets, 13 receptions, 161 yards and only one touchdown in the same period. Plus, Evans is suspended this week AND Jameis Winston isn’t likely to play for another two weeks. I know it’s hard to convince yourself out of Mike Evans but I would much rather have Marvin Jones for the rest of the season. The Buccaneers look like a mess while the Lions seem to be firing on all cylinders.

Tight end

This is by far the closest of the voting and I’m not surprised. Both tight ends have been fantastic this season and more importantly (especially when it comes to Gronk) have been healthy so far (knock on wood). Honestly I don’t think you could go wrong with either tight end for the rest of the season I mainly just wanted to see if Ertz had overthrown Gronk in everyone’s mind as the fantasy football tight end. Not yet. But it’s close.

Did my book of facts change your opinions at all? Do you wish Twitter had a re-vote? Let me know in the comments!