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The Bills learn their lesson, return to Tyrod Taylor as their starter

Welp, at least the Bills learned a valuable lesson.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that didn’t take long:

Why Sean McDermott decided to switch to Nate Peterman for one game this season will go down as one of the great mysteries of the world, like the pyramids, or Atlantis, or Santa Claus, or Big Foot.

Maybe he just wanted to give Tyrod a rest. Maybe he wanted to shatter the confidence of his rookie quarterback. Whatever his intentions were, he certainly succeeded in the latter. Peterman might be just a shell of a man at this point.

In all honesty, I actually feel bad for Peterman. It’s not his fault the Bills’ front office is a complete shitshow and that he got wrapped up in this weird love/hate relationship with Tyrod. It’s not his fault he was put in instead of Tyrod. It was his fault for throwing five interceptions, but even then, the coaching staff should have known he was nowhere NEAR NFL game ready. Oh well. Such is the life of a quarterback.

Meanwhile TYROD IS BACK and this time he means business. If Tyrod were as petty as I, which is quite petty, he’d just throw away every game at the worst possible moment just to spite the Bills. But, I’m sure he’s a professional and will want to show whatever team he’ll be playing for next year that he’s a good, starting quarterback. Which he is.

Fantasy wise, Tyrod is back to a great streaming option, especially this week against the Chiefs. Sadly Kelvin Benjamin is out so he’ll be working with Charles Clay, Jordan Matthews, Zay Jones and Deonte Thompson. I had to search “Bills wide receivers” to add a name other than Matthews and Jones. I’m not even sure which of those guys are actually playing since Matthews seems to be injured every third game.

Anyways, at least the Bills learned a valuable lesson here and I feel like I have something to do with it. So pat on my own back. HUZZAH! (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, skip to 36 minutes in)