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Bills bench Tyrod Taylor in favor of rookie Nathan Peterman

Ummmmm what now?

New Orleans Saints v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

I guess there’s a new signal caller in Buffalo...

Before we get into the move and how it affects everyone on the team, let me just first say I have never understood the Bill’s hatred of Tyrod Taylor. Taylor is a good quarterback and he can run an offense (both figuratively and literally, because, y’know, he runs). It’s not like he’s the person throwing away the Bills’ season! Hell, he hasn’t really been allowed to throw because, hey guess what, the Bills traded away their best receiver at the start of the season, got nothing in house to fix their passing game and then traded for a big name wide receiver only to bench Taylor before he could even play with Kelvin Benjamin. I’m sorry but this is a shit job by the Bills. If they’ve been so intent on pushing Taylor out the door, I don’t know why they’ve kept him around so long.

To quarterback needy teams this offseason, don’t listen to the Bills. Taylor is a starting quarterback in the league and if you put him in an offense with weapons and a capable coaching staff (*cough* Jacksonville *cough*), I wouldn’t be surprised if he puts up some pretty good numbers.

So anyways, the Bills now have a rookie quarterback starting. Well congratulations LeSean McCoy owners, you’re about to see 30 touches a game! Woot woot! The jury is still out how Peterman will play and what he’ll bring to this passing attack. He did come in against the Saints in garbage time and threw 79 yards and a touchdown on 7 of 10 passing. He’ll be facing a decent matchup this week against the Chargers and their 14th ranked pass defense (per ROPE). That being said, I wouldn’t feel too comfortable starting my Bills’ receivers this week.