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RB1 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 10 recap: 49ers get a win, we fix the Packers & more

The guys recap the best games from Week 10 and spend too much time talking about how to make the Packers good again.

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NFL: New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to double digit weeks baby! Pete and Clark look at their favorite games of Week 10, but first pick their winners for this week’s coveted You Helped No One award (2:09). The guys then recap the best of Week 10, including the Saints running all over the Bills (8:44), injuries galore in Green Bay (13:05), getting Marcus Mariota a better head coach (18:40), the 49ers’ first victory (30:43) and Adrian Clayborn single handedly beating the Cowboys (41:41). Pete then goes full fan boy and tells the Packers how to fix their team: be more like the Patriots (49:08).

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