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Top fantasy football waiver wire pickups for Week 11

Here are the players you need to be adding off the waiver wire.

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

If you read last week’s waiver wire adds and got yourself Robert Woods and started him, pat yourself on the back. I meanwhile did not learn from last week and decided that Paul Richardson was a more worthwhile flex than Woods. Sometimes fantasy is fun, sometimes is the worst thing that has happened and will ever happen to you.

Anyways, come get your graduation papers Woods, you’ve officially graduated from the Pete Rogers’ Waiver Wire School of Success. Here’s to hoping the guys on this list will be getting their diplomas soon and leading your fantasy team to playoff glory.

Here are the guys you should be instantly trying to add to your fantasy team (percent owned in Yahoo leagues).

QB Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars (31 percent owned)

It’s happening. It’s officially “Blake Bortles is a reliable streaming quarterback” season and you should be taking advantage of it (if, of course, you need to stream your QB position). Bortles has thrown for at least 240 yards and a touchdown in each of the last four games and has a very, very cushy schedule ahead of him. In the next seven games, he faces the Browns, the Cardinals, the Colts, the Texans and the 49ers. Even Blake can’t mess this up, knock on wood.

RB Danny Woodhead, Baltimore Ravens (35 percent owned)

Speaking of wood—now that is a transition—DANNY WOODHEAD IS BACK! Queue Kool and the Gang’s Celebration. Besides being the greatest day of Clark’s life, it should be the greatest day of yours if you can get the running back off waivers. In Woodhead’s absence, the Ravens have bounced between Alex Collins and Buck Allen. While both backs have shown flashes at times, Woodhead is better and more consistent than both of them and I’d expect him to quickly regain the starting gig. And the beauty is that he’ll take over starting running AND passing duties. Bingo.

RB Rod Smith, Dallas Cowboys (27 percent owned)

The Cowboys offense struggled in their first game without Ezekiel Elliott, though it seemed the offense missed left tackle Tyron Smith a heck of a lot more. While Rod Smith didn’t impress in the first game A.Z. (After Zeke) the Cowboys did show a glimpse as to how he’s going to be used behind Alfred Morris. He had three carries but was more involved in the passing game, catching four balls on six targets. As the weeks move on, I’d expect his role to continue to grow.

RB Jamaal Williams, Green Bay Packers (5 percent owned)

There must be something in the water in Green Bay because the injury bug has stuck around Packer Kingdom and is wreaking havoc. The Pack lost rookie back Aaron Jones to what might be a torn MCL and Ty Montgomery reaggravated his rib injury. The door is now open for one of my super sleepers this season to come in and take over. Williams had 20 carries for 67 yards against the Bears Sunday which is a hell of a workload for a back just coming into the game. Hopefully though that amount of carries stays constant, fingers crossed.

RB Austin Ekeler, San Diego Chargers (3 percent owned)

Hey you know what I love more than anything? Watching an unowned backup running back score two touchdowns while the starting back scored nada. Just my favorite. Well, if Ekeler was unowned heading into Week 10, he’ll certainly be owned now after his two touchdown performance against the Jaguars. He carried the rock 10 times for 42 yards and caught five passes on five targets for 77 yards and his two TDs. The Chargers have been missing Darren Sproles/Danny Woodhead back ever since they let both those backs go. Now they have one.

WR Jamison Crowder, Washington (54 percent owned)

There’s good reason for Crowder being owned in more than 50 percent of Yahoo leagues, but really, he should be owned in more. Crowder got on everyone’s radar back in Week 8 when he racked up 123 yards on nine catches against the Cowboys, but then fell back off the radar when he was injured in Week 9. Well, Sunday he played again and received 11 targets against the Vikings. Now, he only translated those into four catches for 76 yards, but you can’t pass on that kind of opportunity at this point in the season.

WR Corey Davis, Tennessee Titans (48 percent owned)

THE ROOKIE PLAYED TWO WEEKS IN A ROW! Time to restart Celebration by Kool and the Gang! I’ve been on the Davis bandwagon since the draft and it’s been tough to see him off the field. But it seems like he’s back and is being worked into the Titans offense. He had 10 targets Sunday and while he only managed to catch four of those, he’s getting his feet wet. Plus, he has the Colts, Texans and 49ers on the schedule.

WR Corey Coleman, Cleveland Browns (22 percent owned)

From a real football perspective, thee Browns are a mess and really have nothing going for them. From a fantasy perspective though.... no, that’s still true, the Browns are a mess. But the mess will become a little less messy with Coleman coming back into the folds. The Browns have been desperately needing a number one receiver and I’d expect their pass heavy offense to continue since that’s what you do when you’re losing by a lot of points. Anyway, Coleman could be a end of season add who could bring some value come fantasy playoffs.

TE Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers (58 percent owned)

Remember Greg Olsen: Cam Newton’s favorite target ever? Well he’s back! Or at least hopefully will be back very soon. The Panthers are heading into their bye this week which seems like the perfect time to start easing Olsen back into the offense and into football form. There will be plenty of targets to go his way without Kelvin Benjamin and the Panthers have a few very favorable matchups in the future including the Packers and the Buccaneers. I know Olsen is coming back from injury, but Olsen is a number one tight end. Don’t miss out on him.

TE Jermaine Gresham, Arizona Cardinals (1 percent owned)

Here’s a tight end for all you deep league guys. Through most of the season, Gresham has just been there in Arizona, catching a few balls here and there, but that’s about it. That’s changed over the last two weeks as he’s caught a touchdown in each of the last two games. He’s coming off a Thursday Night Game in which he saw his second most targets all season and this could be a sign of opportunities to come. Just someone to keep eyes on.


Who are you rushing to add this week?

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  • 7%
    Blake Bortles
    (10 votes)
  • 19%
    Danny Woodhead
    (27 votes)
  • 3%
    Rod Smith
    (5 votes)
  • 22%
    Jamaal Williams
    (32 votes)
  • 14%
    Austin Ekeler
    (21 votes)
  • 3%
    Jamison Crowder
    (5 votes)
  • 12%
    Corey Davis
    (18 votes)
  • 6%
    Corey Coleman
    (9 votes)
  • 10%
    Greg Olsen
    (15 votes)
  • 0%
    Jermaine Gresham
    (0 votes)
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