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NBA DFS Picks - 11/1

Here’s who you should be targeting in your NBA DFS lineups.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

I’m trying something new with today’s NBA DFS picks. In an attempt to give you, the reader, the information to make your own decisions, we’re rolling out a new interactive NBA DFS Dashboard. I’m very excited about this new tool and welcome any and all feedback (@BrianCreagh via Twitter, in the comments, or via email). We’re still working through how to embed the dashboard cleanly into the posts, so for the time being I will enter screenshots for each position followed by analysis for each position. If you’d like to access the interactive version of this dashboard, please follow this link to my Tableau Public page.

A few details on the tool:

  • Dashboard will be updated each morning for the day’s main slate lineups.
  • The interactive version allows you to switch between Positions, filter for specific Salary ranges, and filter for players’ average value over their last 5 games
  • All stats are for the players’ last 5 games
  • The “Team” column represents the opposing defense for the players in the “Player” column

Point Guards

Players to Target

Jrue Holliday ($7,100)

Ben Simmons ($8,800)

Yogi Ferrell ($4,000)

Patrick Beverley ($5,700)

D.J. Augustin ($4,900)

Shooting Guards

Players to Target

Victor Oladipo ($7,800)/Bojan Bogdanovic ($4,000)

Khris Middleton ($6,800)

Josh Jackson ($3,900)

Kent Bazemore ($5,300)

Small Forward

Players To Target

Dion Waiters ($5,800)

E’Twuan Moore ($4,200)

Giannis Antetokounmpo ($12,000)

Otto Porter ($7,100)

Power Forward

Players to Target

Kevin Love ($7,500)

Taj Gibson ($4,200)

Kelly Olynyk ($5,600)


Players To Target

Al Horford ($7,400)/Aron Baynes ($3,800)

Marc Gasol ($7,600) *Game-time decision tonight

Nikola Vucevic ($7,000)