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Rob Gronkowski not expected to play Thursday night against the Buccaneers

Big hit for Patriots and fantasy teams everywhere.

NFL: New York Giants at New England Patriots Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Welp, sorry Gronk owners, it seems like the Patriots star tight end will not be suiting up today:

After much back and forth throughout the day, it sounds like Gronk will be sitting out this Thursday night affair.

As a Patriots fan I’m actually very much ok with this. The last thing I need to see is Gronk go down with another injury early in the season. And that’s the last thing I need to see as a Gronk owner in one of my leagues.

This is a blow to most teams as everyone and their mother is expecting this game to be a shootout as neither the Patriots nor the Buccaneers has what’s known in the NFL as a defense. You can bet this means a healthy dose of Chris Hogan, Brandin Cooks and Danny Amendola in the passing game tonight, probably even some James White. Before you think that Dwayne Allen might be a sneaky good start tonight, stop. Just stop. Brady has finished Harry Potter while Allen is still figuring out that the boy who was left on the doorstep is a wizard. That is to say, they’re not on the same page. I also could see this being a big Mike Gillislee game, especially around the goalline. Just keep gettin’ those touchdowns.

Hopefully this thigh issue will be resolved in the coming weeks and won’t rear it’s ugly head right in the thick of the fantasy playoff race. Fingers crossed.