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Fantasy NBA: Star Studded Stats: Blocks per Game

Rudy Gobert and Hassan Whiteside stand above the rest

Golden State Warriors v Utah Jazz - Game Three Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

13 days away till tip off.

Next up is Blocks, the Dikembe Mutombo special…no no no not in my house.

2016-2017 Blocks per game leaders

Rudy Gobert (2.64)

Anthony Davis (2.23)

Myles Turner (2.14)

Hassan Whiteside (2.10)

Kristaps Porzingis (1.95)

- Something that might be quite obvious, look across the top 5 players and they come from Utah Jazz (Finished 6th in the season standings the NBA), New Orleans Pelicans (21st in season standings the NBA), Indianapolis (14th in season standings), Miami Heat (17th in season standings) and Knicks (24th in season standings). This could be a whole side discussion topic of the transformation from teams full of bigs to teams full of perimeter shooters or teams that foul more or teams that start leading and don’t care as much about getting blocked but largely I’m pointing this out as it’s a stat separate from the others. With this stat you aren’t looking at the star players from the power teams, rather you are looking at individual talented bigs across the non-powerhouse teams.

2015-2016 Blocks per game leaders

Hassan Whiteside (3.68)

DeAndre Jordan (2.30)

Rudy Gobert (2.21)

Anthony Davis (2.05)

Pau Gasol (2.03)

-Looking at this group it’s the same story – these 5 teams finished (6th, 7th, 17th, 19th and 25th). Besides that, Hassan Whiteside had almost 4 blocks per game, just think about that. He more than doubled the 9th best blocker Paul Millsap who had 1.72blocks per game, I anticipate him being a top two blocker this year. Rudy is stepping up to be one of the best blockers in the game and oddly I think the removal of Gordon Hayward actually helps his chances to get even better as this team will be hyper focused on defense (more so than the 3rdbest defense in the Western Conference that they were last year) Anthony could lose a few blocks to DeMarcus Cousins OR they could become a dynamic due who keep opponents distracted, the first 10-15 games will tell.

2014-2015 Blocks per game leaders

Anthony Davis (2.94)

Hassan Whiteside (2.56)

Serge Ibaka (2.42)

Rudy Gobert (2.30)

DeAndre Jordan (2.23)

- Serge Ibaka is a name who lingers in the top 10 but not always the top 5. Andre Drummond had a great year finishing 10th this year before regressing from 1.87 blocks per game down to the 1.3 – 1.4 blocks per game in the next two years. Tim Duncan was 7th this year at 1.96 blocks per game. If you notice Hassan Whiteside, Rudy Gobert and Anthony Davis are on all three years, they should continue to dominate and block in the 2+ blocks per game capacity this year.

Blocks per game recap: Blocks have fluctuated from 2011 to present going from as high as 5.1 per game down to 4.7 last year. I assume we will see around 4.8 - 4.9 blocks per game per team this year. Besides the same names who repeated on the lists such as Anthony Davis, Hassan Whiteside and Rudby Gobert there are some hidden names just outside the top 5 such as Brook Lopez (averaging about 1.5 - 2 blocks per game), Karl-Anthony Towns (1.25 -2 blocks per game) Serge Ibaka (1.5 – 2 blocks per game) and John Henson (1.30 – 1.75 blocks per game). Dwight Howard might not be a bad bet in Charlotte to get 1.5 -2 blocks. Giannis Antetokounmpo and John have a good rhythm in Milwaukee and can be one of the collective strongest fronts in blocks. Finally, the one I’m buying in on is Joel Embiid who I think can make it through 90% of the season this year, he averaged 2.5 blocks per game across his 31 games played last year.

Up next: Splashing 3 Pointers (hint, the “splash brothers” might be featured)!