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Jay Ajayi traded to the Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles sent a 4th round pick to Miami for their starting running back.

New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Another star player is on the move. Per Adam Schefter, the Eagles have traded a fourth round pick for Dolphins’ running back Jay Ajayi:


Trade Deadline.



We saw Jimmy Garoppolo get shipped off to San Francisco last night and now we open our computers to see Ajayi—who was 4th in the league last year in terms of rushing yards, mind you—on the move. It’s a crazy day to be alive!

Right off the bat, this is great for Ajayi. He moves from Miami which had no offensive line, had no quarterback and had no way of moving the football, to the Eagles who have an offensive line, have a quarterback and have been moving the football with ease. I had no faith in Ajayi this season as long as he was on Miami but now that he’s in a new environment, and a better environment, he has the chance at reclaiming his RB1 status for the rest of the season.

For the rest of the Eagles, obviously this is not great for anyone who owns LeGarrette Blount. Ajayi is a starting running back who can do everything and I’d expect this to seriously hamper Blount’s production. Wait to see how the two backs are used but this might all but kill Blount’s fantasy value. Carson Wentz now has on paper a legit backfield threat who’ll force defenses to respect the run. If Ajayi taps into end of last season Ajayi (something that isn’t out of the realm of realism) Wentz’s life just got a whole heck of a lot easier. The Eagles are gearing up for a Super Bowl run.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins are in full panic mode. They just shipped off their starting running back and they might not be done....

As for what backs remain on the roster, here you go:

  • Damien Williams with 12 carries for 32 yards
  • Kenyan Drake with 10 carries for 25 yards

I have confidence in exactly none of these guys. Miami is actively trying to make themselves a fantasy wasteland. Good work guys? Who knows what they’re trying to do, but I’d recommend not ruining your fantasy season finding out.