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Looking at my “official hypetrain” four weeks into the NFL season

Terrelle Pryor finally got on track and let’s hope Marcus Mariota isn’t out for long.

Washington Redskins v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

As we’re one quarter of the way through the NFL season, I figure now is the perfect time to take a trip down memory lane and look at my official hypetrain. Yes, my list of players who I claimed would have breakout years in fantasy football and were all worth your time and effort to obtain and start. I even made an adorable picture to commemorate the article:

Welp, I hate to be the conductor of bad news, but this train has started it’s trip speeding off the rails.

I just brought up the official list right now and I’m sitting stunned at my computer unsure if I really want to write this article and remind you all of some of the more ridiculous picks I made to be great this season.

But I’m a man of the people and I admit when I’m wrong. So, here we go:

Terrelle Pryor

If I had written this 24 hours earlier, I would have been in the deepest state of depression given that Pryor has done a whole lot of nothing so far this season. But then, almost as if he knew I was about to write this article, we caught a glimmer of the Pryor I thought he’d be in Washington on Monday Night Football:

That’s more like it, Pryor!

Now I can’t pretend like I was right about this pick. Through the first three weeks, Pryor was completely MIA in Washington’s offense and even last night he had some big time drops which won’t help Kirk Cousins’ confidence in him. However, he’s taken a step in some direction and lucky for me it’s the right one.

First quarter rating: Not great, but, wait, what’s that? Do I see optimism on the horizon?

Jameis Winston/Marcus Mariota

While both have had alright starts to the season, I was kind of expecting a little more out of each of them. Well, mainly Mariota. Winston has actually looked pretty good to start the season. He’s averaging 18.2 fantasy points per game and is tied for fourth in the NFL in passing touchdowns with six despite having played one less game than everyone else (thanks Week 1 bye). He hasn’t been as turnover prone as he was last year, only throwing three interceptions so far this season. He has certainly looked good and is about to look a whole lot better, facing an awful Patriots defense Thursday Night.

Mariota on the other hand has had a very slow start to his season. He didn’t come out of the gate as hot as I was expecting and already might miss time due to an injury. I wondered this on Tuesday’s RB1 podcast but it might be time to start worrying about Mariota’s long term health. He seems to struggle staying on the field which is not at all what you want from your franchise quarterback. I’ll take touchdowns anyway I can get them, but I’m a little worried about Mariota having as many rushing touchdowns as passing touchdowns, especially given the revamped offense he’s playing in.

First quarter rating: Glad I cheated and picked two QBs because they even each other out.

Michael Thomas

Here I thought I was making a surefire pick, one that was kinda cheating because of course Thomas was going to be amazing, why would I need to put him on my hypetrain? Welp, just like the Madden curse is real, so is my hypetrain curse I guess.

I’m mildly exaggerating.

After a couple slow games, Thomas has gotten himself back on track and currently ranks in the top 10 for total points among wide receivers. So his start hasn’t been awful. I’m slightly defeated because I thought he was going to start off with a bang and rip the league apart. I was envisioning Thomas doing was Stefon Diggs is doing right now.

But I can’t complain about Thomas residing in top 10, four weeks into the season with Drew Brees starting to finally warm up. I also think the return of Willie Snead will help Thomas a lot, taking the load off his shoulders as well as defenses’ attention. It also just hasn’t been a gangbusters season for wide receivers so far.

First quarter rating: Kid-giving-you-the-thumbs-up-at-the-computer.gif

Carlos Hyde

Hyde is well on his way to his most productive season of his career, particularly in the passing game. Four weeks in and he’s already only ten catches shy of his previous career high for a single season (17 this year so far, 27 in 2016). He’s the ninth best running back in terms of total points and he’s sixth in the NFL in total yards from scrimmage.

First quarter rating: Win

Julius Thomas

I did it guys, I made the mistake of drinking from the Julius Thomas elixir. So far this season he has eight catches. Eight. I thought his reunion with Adam Gase would work wonders but then the fantasy Gods had it out for me and replaced Ryan Tannehill with Jay Cutler. And let me tell you people, there was a very, very real reason Jay Cutler retired at the end of last season. You can bet that he regrets everything, especially given the love that Tony Romo has received transitioning to being a broadcaster.

Anyways, clearly Thomas was a HUGE swing and a miss and sadly for my hypetrain, I don’t really see him getting things back on track.

First quarter rating: I need to stay off the elixir next time

Now it’s time for those honorable mentions that I had quickly jotted down at the bottom of my list:

Mike Gillislee - There was a time there where I thought I’d nailed this, but even still, Gillislee is tied for second in NFL in touchdowns. I’ll call this a win.

Adrian Peterson - [crying emoji]

Tyrod Taylor - Deshaun Watson is exactly what I thought Tyrod Taylor was going to be in fantasy this year. Taylor hasn’t looked great and neither has the Bills’ offense.

Jamaal Williams - Big miss here as I thought the Packers would go with a little more of a committee in Green Bay. Now it’s time for Aaron Jones!

David Njoku - I want to call Njoku a win simply because he’s tied for second among tight ends for receiving touchdowns (2) but his workload has been a lot less than I anticipated.


Who’s been the biggest miss so far this season?

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    Adrian Peterson
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