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Fake Teams fantasy football mailbag: What’s JuJu Smith-Schuster’s value rest of the season?

Plus, is Amari back? and halloween costume ideas.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Welcome to the Fake Teams’ fantasy football mailbag. Welcome to Week 8! Halfway through the season. We got halloween costumes, Amari Cooper & trades this week.

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Onto the mailbag:

Q: Is Amari Cooper back?
— Chris T.

Does that answer the question?

What I can say is don’t go expecting him to put up another crazy performance against the Bills. The Chiefs defense has been a liability against the pass all season. The Bills defense ranks in the top five against opposing wide receivers.

Q: JuJu or Tyrell Williams this week (and ROS)? Thanks.
— @whorleyt

Considering JuJu is currently being evaluated for a concussion, it’s not a sure thing that he’ll be suited up for this week (which of course makes the “this week?” question a lot easier).

As for rest of the season, I think that depends mightily on what the Steelers end up doing with Martavis Bryant. If they do end up trading him—btw, shameless plug, read where I want him to get traded to—then JuJu clearly is the guy to roll with for rest of season. Even without the trade, I could convince myself of picking JuJu rest of the season. He’s only had under three receptions twice this season and has been held under 20 yards only once. He also has two more touchdowns than Williams this season. However, Williams is a very close third on the team in targets (just one below Hunter Henry) while Smith-Schuster is fourth on the team by a fairly wide margin.

Gut says: go with the rookie.

Q: What’s more likely: Hue Jackson doesn’t survive this London excursion or the Browns get their first victory this weekend?
— Maddie G.

I’m assuming here that when you say “doesn’t survive” you mean “Jackson gets fired”, not “Jackson gets abducted by MI6 in a weird CIA/MI6 special intelligence blood feud and is executed on screen as an example to the world that London is not to be messed with”. Or at least I hope that’s not what you’re saying.

Honestly, I don’t think the Browns are winning this week and if I were a betting man, I might even be putting money down on them not winning a single game. They look that bad. So, with that said, I guess I’d have to go with Hue Jackson getting fired during his overseas trip, which, if I’m Hue, I’m not against. Would much prefer to spend my free time in London rather than Cleveland.

Q: With halloween just around the corner, what’s been your best halloween costume? Also, what suggestions you got for those of us who have yet to invest any brain power into what to wear?
— Dan B.

My best costume ever:

Obviously my fianceeé and I went as Han Solo and Chewbacca. That face thing was a pain in the ass but totally worth it.

One year my roommate and I went as a dude who’d gotten trapped in a portal from the game Portal. That was also awesome.

Now, Part II: Excellent Halloween Costume Ideas

  • get one of those inflatable dinosaur costumes, slap on a raptors jersey and go as Chris Bosh
  • hoodie Melo. just add sweatshirt.
  • got a Jay Cutler Bears jersey? Slap it on, light a cig and be Smok’n Jay
  • Gronk. Just don’t wear a shirt and say bro and make 69 jokes a lot
  • throw on a USA soccer jersey, get trashed and say you’re Alex Morgan. Extra points if you get thrown out of the party.
  • the blue injury tent
  • Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un (great for couples)
  • J.R. Smith and a t-shirt (another A+ couples idea)
  • Manti Teo and his girlfriend (don’t have a girlfriend? don’t worry, neither did he!)

Hope that helped!

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