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Player Profile: Max Kepler, OF, Minnesota Twins

Kepler could be the sleeper pick your team needs in 2018.

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Minnesota Twins Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports


Year Team PA AVG OBP HR SB BB% K% GB/FB Hard%
Year Team PA AVG OBP HR SB BB% K% GB/FB Hard%
2015 Twins 7 0.143 0.143 0 0 0.0% 42.9% 3.00 25.0%
2016 Twins 447 0.235 0.309 17 6 9.4% 20.8% 1.29 33.0%
2017 Twins 568 0.243 0.312 19 6 8.3% 20.1% 1.08 32.9%

One of the three pieces in arguably the best defensive outfield in all of baseball right now, but these outfielders don’t get enough credit for what they can do with their bats. Kepler has a lot potential going into 2018, and this year could be his breakout year. Over the past three seasons his plate discipline has been improving and he should draw a good amount of walks next year. He has also decreased his strikeout rate, and with his 9.1% swinging strike rate he would most likely have batting average around the .265 mark in 2018. The main thing we need to look with Kepler is his power. He has yet to hit 20 home runs, but that could all change in 2018. He has slowly been hitting more and more fly balls as he matures and has averaged a 33.0% hard contact rate the past two seasons, so a 20-25 home run season may be just around the corner.