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Swarming the NHL: AI Picks for Week 1


It’s easy to look past October NHL games. Teams are just starting to find out how their lines will perform when thrown into the fire of meaningful games. New players and coaches are only just adapting and developing chemistry. Thus, if hockey fans sometimes take October hockey a little bit lightly, it’s understandable…but it’s also worth noting that two points earned in October count the same as two earned in March.

The first NHL swarm convened by the research team at Unanimous A.I. met earlier today to consider the seven games on Tuesday’s NHL schedule, as well as the five games being played tomorrow on Wednesday. The swarm consists of hockey fans from around North America who work together on the UNU platform to predict winners for each game.

Click here to see all the AI’s picks!

As the table above shows, the swarm has some confidence in the Blackhawks tonight playing a tough Canadiens club at the Bell Centre in Montreal. If you’re looking for the swarm’s highest-confidence play, however, take a look at the prediction for the Wednesday game between the Leafs and New Jersey in Toronto. In both the Blackhawks and Toronto games, the swarm expressed a 2-goal confidence with 80+ Brainpower. But even if both picks are best bets, the $80 hypothetical confidence the swarm has in Toronto made it an easy pick as our groups play of the week.

We’ll be holding weekly NHL swarms and paying $25 to the highest performing member of the Swarm? Want to join the Swarm or see the picks? Hit me up....