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2017 Top 10 MLB Fantasy Prospects

Top 10 Fantasy Prospects for 2017: Team by Team

Top 10 Fantasy Prospects for 2017: Team by Team

San Francisco Giants Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

The Giants system is among the most unexciting groups in the game, as the majority of their top prospects are of the high-floor, low-ceiling variety. Several of them will see time in the majors this year, though, so it bears monitoring.

San Diego Padres Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

Intelligent trades, including several with the Boston Red Sox, have strengthened a San Diego system once bereft of elite talent.

Los Angeles Dodgers Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

Colorado Rockies Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

The Rockies appear to be in win-now mode with the signing of Ian Desmond, and their farm system is poised to help them add several wins to the ledger in 2017.

Arizona Diamondbacks Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

Thanks to some poor trades in recent years, Arizona’s system lacks both impact-talent and depth.

St. Louis Cardinals Top-Ten Fantasy Prospects

The Cardinals’ system, though not elite, features some impressive young players who could make a big leap in 2017.

Pittsburgh Pirates Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

Pittsburgh’s system remains strong, particularly at the top, where a handful of elite prospects stand ready to contribute at the major-league level.

Milwaukee Brewers Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

The Brewers system is loaded with high-end talent both at the plate and on the mound, and it may well be the best in all of baseball.

Chicago Cubs Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

The reigning World Series champions have taken a hit to their farm system for all the right reasons, and they still have plenty of high-end talent on the way.

Cincinnati Reds Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

While the rebuilding Reds lack impact-talent at the top of their system, they do have an interesting mix of advanced bats, toolsy position players, and potential mid-rotation arms.

Washington Nationals Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

The Nationals system took a significant hit when they swung a deal for Adam Eaton, shipping out three of their top-10 prospects. There’s still some high-end talent kicking around, though.

Philadelphia Phillies Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

The Phillies improved in 2016, and there’s more high-end talent on the way.

New York Mets Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

Yes, the Mets still have legitimate pitching prospects on the way - and we had a few more just miss the cut. Their best prospect, however, is an elite shortstop prospect who just keeps getting better.

Miami Marlins Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

The Marlins might expect contributions from LHP Jarlin Garcia and a handful of others, but overall this is one of baseball’s weakest farm systems.

Atlanta Braves Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

The Braves have one of the best systems in the game, with a great deal of depth on the mound. And, more importantly, several of their best prospects should contribute this year.

Texas Rangers Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

Trades for Cole Hamels and Jonathan Lucroy, coupled with the graduation of top prospects, have thinned a once-elite system.

Seattle Mariners Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

The Mariners won 86 games last season, flirting with the playoffs into October. They may have overachieved somewhat, but that may not matter as help is on the way.

Oakland Athletics Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

At the 2016 trade deadline the Athletics acquired three young pitchers to help bolster an already-solid system.

Los Angeles Angels Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

Houston Astros Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

In recent years the Astros have traded away a number of top prospects, but what remains is still a top system full of intriguing, dynamic young players.

Minnesota Twins Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

The Twins system is no longer viewed as a juggernaut, having slipped from arguably the best heading into 2015 to the back-end of the top-ten in 2016, and into the middle-of-the-pack for 2017. With so many prospects having graduated (for better or worse), how much help is on the way?

Kansas City Royals Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

A mixture of twenty-somethings and teenagers far from reaching their ceilings, the Royals’ system offers plenty of depth but few impact players.

Detroit Tigers Top 10 Fantasy Prospects

The aging Tigers missed the playoffs for the second season in a row, and a rebuild may be on the horizon. How much help do they have waiting in the wings?

Cleveland Indians Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

At the 2016 trade deadline the Indians dealt several top prospects in exchange for playoff-hero Andrew Miller. Still, there’s a lot to like about this system.

Chicago White Sox Top 10 Fantasy Prospects

The White Sox have not made the playoffs since 2008, due in large part to their inability to build from within. Are reinforcements on the way?

Toronto Blue Jays Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

With Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista likely moving on, the Blue Jays stand to look quite different on Opening Day. What homegrown talent could step up in 2017?

Tampa Bay Rays Top-Ten Fantasy Prospects

The big-league club has continued its descent to the bottom of the AL standings, but there’s help on the way. How soon will that help arrive?

New York Yankees Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

Gary Sanchez set fantasy baseball ablaze over the last two months of the 2016 season - and he may just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Yankees excellent farm system.

Boston Red Sox Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

In recent years Boston’s farm system has graduated elite talents such as Mookie Betts and Xander Bogaerts. There’s even more help on the way.

Baltimore Orioles Top-10 Fantasy Prospects

The Orioles farm system has been bereft of top-flight talent since Manny Machado debuted back in 2012. What, if anything has changed?


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