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2017 Fantasy Football bold predictions

Looking back on my bold predictions this fantasy football season

I was very proud of a handful and would like a few stricken from the record so that we can pretend I never mentioned them

Looking back on my bold predictions this season

I made a bunch of bold predictions this season. Now it’s time to look back and see how they turned out.

Bold Predictions Week 16: The Blake Mistake, Don’t Buy In.

Also feeling good about the Redskins Defense

Bold Predictions Week 15: Derek Carr rejuvinated

Plus a great week for close games

Bold Predictions Week 14: A Mile High Win for the Broncos

Plus Tyrod is a Top Ten

Bold Predictions for Week 13: As I like to call it “Upset-a-geddon”

Big week for the Bills?

Bold Predictions for Week 12: Avoiding a probable Stafford clunker

Also – a Browns win?

Bold Predictions for Week 11: Doug Martin muscling his way into Miami

Nathan Peterman with a solid NFL start

Bold Predictions for Week 7: Alfred’s time to shine

Bypassing Darren McFadden and going straight to Morris

Bold Predictions for Week 6: All in on Antonio and Adrian

Heavy usage for Brown and Peterson, is it 2013?

Bold Predictions for Week 5: A low "Charged" matchup

Why the Giants RBs might finally do something

Bold NFL Predictions for Week 4: A “Pride-ful” week for the Lions

Also why the 49ers get their first W

Bold NFL Predictions for Week 3: a Bra’dford’gadocious pick

Also I have the can-McAdoo attitude

Bold NFL Predictions for Week 2: Wentz do we start?

Carson Wentz is better than you think.

10 Bold 2017 NFL Season Predictions - BJ Goodson is good.

High on the Chargers and low on the Falcons

Bold predictions: What will happen in the NFC?

The NFC always offers intrigue. This season won’t be an exception.

Bold predictions: MVP Philip Rivers

This is absolute gospel, so please take it as such...

Bold predictions: What will happen in the AFC?

Although the AFC is top-heavy, we can still expect an exciting 2017 season!

Bold predictions: Leonard Fournette will disappoint

More bold predictions about the coming Fantasy Football season. Hold off on Fournette and Gronkowski.

Bold predictions: Jay Cutler isn’t going to suck

Pete takes the first stab at predicting bold things for this fantasy football year.


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