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Waiver Wire Adds You Should Start Week 4

Opportunities abound with all the injuries we’re seeing around the league. The hard part, who’s going to step up?

Tennessee Titans v Detroit Lions Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

If you’re desperate for a starter or two, you’ve come to the right place. Check out a few of my favorite low-owned adds for this week.

Alex Smith - Kansas City @ Pittsburgh (-5), +/- 47

Alex Smith is due, man. No, he really is due against a Pittsburgh defense that has surrendered 300 or more passing yards per game in their first 3 contests. The Chiefs have looked I-didn’t-know-she-wasn’t-pregnant bad against the Texans, but they’ve got a couple of nice games on the resume with wins over the Jets and Chargers. As we slowly creep in to the bye weeks, Smith is a nice plug and play QB.

Terrance West – Oakland @ Baltimore (-3), +/- 46.5

This week looks like a better preemptive add week than a good week to pick up a desperation play as rumor has it (AKA Ian Rappaport tweeted) that Kenneth Dixon may return week 5. But, if you have the room on your bench, I’d go for Dixon over T-West here. If you do have to pick up someone to play this Sunday, though, West is getting the yeoman's work in Baltimore for now. He has a fine shot at backing his way in to a touchdown, and he’s just the best low-owned option left on a thin waiver wire.

Anquan Boldin – Detroit (-3) @ Chicago, +/- 46.5

It does my heart good to still be writing about why you should pick up Anquan Boldin. The analysis here is fairly simple: Boldin is his is old self, pulling in a few catches over the middle for a decent yardage. His tight-end-like performances leave you in that streaming tight end situation: if he gets a TD, you’re golden. Against an awful Bears defense, several Lions are going to hit paydirt this weekend.

Jack Doyle – Indianapolis (-2.5) “@” Jacksonville, +/- 49

As a Dwayne Allen believer, this hurts. At some point we’re forced to faced reality, and that is reality is that Doyle is out-producing Allen in Indy. The tight end landscape is a minefield this year, and so a TE that is getting consistent targets on a good offense is where you want to stake your claim.

PS: Don’t forget to add Doyle early as Indy and Jacksonville play in England on Sunday.

Detroit DST - Detroit (-3) @ Chicago, +/- 46.5

The Chicago offense has made a few DSTs look pretty good already this year. Whether we’re looking at Jay Cutler or Brian Hoyer, if you’re stuck at DST, Detroit is your deep waiver option.

Matt Prater - Detroit (-3) @ Chicago, +/- 46.5

Prater has missed a couple of heart-breakers, but he’s knocked down a few long kicks as well. I am personally guaranteeing a win for the Bears now that I’ve recommended 3 waivers adds based solely on the fact that they are playing the bears. You’re welcome Chicago.