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UNU’s Picks: NFL Game Picks for Week 3

This post originally appeared on the UNU blog


Thanks to everyone who has participated in the UNU Football Swarms so far! We’ve reworked our question formatting based on your feedback, so I hope the replays below are helpful and clear.

As you may know, UNU Football had an excellent Week 2, going 8-4-1 in its wagers, and posting the kind of ROI that the market can only dream of. Read the recap HERE.

Taking a cue from UNU Baseball, the results below are sorted by predicted Confidence and then by Brainpower. As always, I would encourage you to watch each games replay for insight into how the Swarm arrived at its prediction. For example, lower brainpower could reflect a toss-up between the two teams, or it could mean that the Swarm was torn between High and Low Confidence in the pick.

We continue to fine-tune our understanding of Brainpower, and so you’ll notice that we’re steering clear of any Low Confidence game below 75% Brainpower. It’s also worth pointing that since every game below is picked Against the Spread, it makes sense that very few games were picked with High Confidence. Obviously, we are early in our understanding of what High and Low Confidence means, and its impact on the accuracy of the Swarm’s predictions.

Here’s a look at the replay from this week’s most confident Swarm. As you can see, the Swarm seems to have picked up on the chaos surrounding Rex Ryan’s Bills team and wants no part of them – even at home – against Arizona.

This should go without saying, but if you’re going to bet on football – or anything else, for that matter – be smart about it. UNU has a pretty good track record, but football is notoriously difficult to predict, and even more so this early in the season.

Without further ado, here are the Swarm’s picks for Week 3 of the NFL season…


Arizona (-4.5) @Buffalo

Arizona -4.5 with High Confidence – Brainpower 86%

Pittsburgh (-4.0) @Philadelphia

Pitt -4 with High Confidence – Brainpower 78%

Washington @NY Giants (-4.5)

NY Giants -4.5 with High Confidence – Brainpower 69%

LOW CONFIDENCE : Brainpower above 75%

Oakland @Tennessee (-2.0)

Oakland +2 with Low Confidence – Brainpower 76%

Detroit @Green Bay (-7.0)

Detroit +7 with Low Confidence – Brainpower 75%

LOW CONFIDENCE : Brainpower below 75%

Cleveland @Miami (-10)

Cleveland with Low Confidence – Brainpower 72%

Atlanta @New Orleans (-3.0)

Atlanta +3 with Low Confidence – Brainpower 72%

Denver @Cincinnati (-3.5)

Denver +3.5 with Low Confidence – Brainpower 71%

San Francisco @Seattle (-9.0)

SF 49ers +9 with Low Confidence – Brainpower 70%

Chicago @Dallas (-7.0)

Dallas -7 with Low Confidence – Brainpower 70%

San Diego @Indianapolis (-3.0)

Indianapolis -3 with Low Confidence – Brainpower 70%

Los Angeles @Tampa Bay (-5.5)

Tampa Bay -5.5 with Low Confidence – Brajnpower 68%

Minnesota @Carolina (-7.0)

Carolina with Low Confidence – Brainpower 67%

Houston (-1.0) @New England

Houston -1 with Low Confidence – Brainpower 65%

NY Jets @Kansas City (-3.0)

Kansas City -3 with Low Confidence – Brainpower 58%


Baltimore (0.0) @Jacksonville (0.0)

Jax with Low Confidence — Brainpower 31%

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