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FanDuel GPP Lineup Week 3 - Run The Jaguars

Struggling on who to play in your tournament lineups on FanDuel this week? Check out one of Robert's GPP lineups to help you.

Jacksonville Jaguars v San Diego Chargers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

This is for those tournaments you are playing on FanDuel, and should not be used for your 50/50 and other cash games. Some of these players will be of the boom or bust variety. Each week I will be giving you one of these lineups. Sometimes these lineups will work great, but other times it may become a complete dud. How about we just get right into the picks.

Melvin Gordon $7,100:

The Colts have a terrible defense in defending the run right now. You add that to the fact that Melvin Gordon is one of the few healthy position players on the Chargers roster and you have a recipe for a great performance. This price point is just too low to not use him this week.

Blake Bortles $7,900, Allen Robinson $7,900 and Julius Thomas $6,100:

Going for the mega stack this week of Jaguars. This may not be a popular stack, but it is one I feel confident in. I am not a believer that the Ravens defense is any good. They were getting torched by Josh McCown until he got hurt. After that point is when McCown really started to slow down. Bortles has been playing in a similar fashion to last season, which means he has that upside to go and put up a top notch performance at moments notice. I think that happens this week, and I want both of his top targets for when it happens. Robinson is the deep threat who just needs that play or two to break out. Thomas on the other hand can work at stretching the middle of the field and contribute as a big redzone target.

Todd Gurley $8,300:

This won’t continue with Gurley. Last week he was facing a tough Seahawks run defense, and the week before that the entire Rams offense struggled. This week against the Bucs and there subpar defense provides a great opportunity for Gurley to have his first big game. The Bucs defense was just had David Johnson run all over them, and the week before that Tevin Coleman did his damage through the air. This is setting up for Gurley to go for 125+ yards and 2 TD’s.

Marvin Jones $6,900:

We just witnessed what Stefon Diggs did to the Packers defense last week. This week I think the Packers will struggle again with an opposing teams number one receiver in Marvin Jones. Jones has inserted himself as Stafford’s top target this season, replacing Calvin Johnson. Jones has big play upside, and is also a big target in the redzone. This should be the game where Jones finally finds the endzone.

Phillip Dorsett $6,000:

With Donte Moncrief out this week, that moves Phillip Dorsett up to the number 2 receiver spot. From what we have seen so far out of the Chargers, it is that they are going to be putting up points, but also allow a lot of points as well when they are in the lead. While I wish I could say that I was basing this off of what Dorsett has done so far this season, I can’t make that claim. This is more of a bet in my trust of Andrew Luck to either play well, or pick up garbage time stats for his receivers. Whichever happens doesn’t matter, as all stats count the same.

Josh Lambo $4,500:

My kicker will always be one of the cheapest starters with a high implied point total according to the betting lines. This weak that minimum priced kicker is Josh Lambo, who is apart of a high flying Chargers offense right now.

Miami Dolphins $4,600:

Dolphins are the easy pick here. Facing a team that just lost its top receiver, and has to start its 3rd string rookie QB in his first career start. Yeah I like the sound of that too.