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MNF Preview: Eagles @ Chicago Week 2

The impressive rookie, Carson Wentz is visiting the City of Big Shoulders, and the Bears are looking for a home victory to make a statement for struggling John Fox.

Deploy Alshon as much as you can, while he is still healthy.
Deploy Alshon as much as you can, while he is still healthy.
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Eagles @ Chicago

Bears -3

OverUnder 43


Game Script


This should be another fun day at the office for the prized rookie, Carson Wentz. He was impressive in his debut against the Browns (278 passing yards with 2 TD), and the Bears won't be any better at stopping him and the rest of the Eagles. The Bears have improved their defense by signing veteran linebackers (Danny Trevathan, and Jerrell Freeman), but the whole unit is still far from the elite level. Last week, the Texans tried to run the ball heavily with Lamar Miller, and the Bears front-seven showed some improvement over the last season (Miller: 108 rushing yards in 28 attempts. 3.8 Y/A), but they did very little to put the pressure on the passing game (Osweiler: 231 passing yards with 2 TD 1 Int). More importantly, the Bears' already weak secondary is suffering an injury of Kyle Fuller. Everyone in the Eagles' offense will be involved in this game, but they are more likely spare their talented but aged backfield duo in favor of the young passing corps. The Eagles' receivers are less talented than the Texans', and they are the visitors at the notorious Solider Field, so we can't expect anyone to produce Will Fuller's line (104 yards with 1TD). Still, this will be a productive game for everyone involved with the aerial attack while the ground game stays solid.



Over the summer, the Bears lost three linemen via free agency, and they tried to fill the holes with two free agents (Bobby Massie, and Josh Sitton), and a draft choice (Cody Whitehair). Overall, their debut against the Texans didn't go too well, and it's hard to say the team has improved in that particular area. At least the new unit saw the first NFL action together, and now they are back at home, we might be able to see a better performance. Still, the Eagles front seven including $103M Fletcher Cox features tons of talent, and the new Defensive Coordinator Jim Schwartz doesn't have to deal with Chip Kelly's insane pace. The Bears won't have too much fun with running the ball, and Jay Cutler will be under pressure for the most of the game. The Bears will try to move the chain with short drop passes to their versatile running back, and they will try to involve their TE Zach Miller and slot Eddie Royale. When the opportunity presents, however, healthy Alshon Jeffery can easily burn the mediocre Eagles secondary. Expect to see the usual Jay Cutler, whose few big impact plays are followed by unforgiving mistakes, but every Bears player should see good enough actions without much efficiency.


Good Plays

Jordan Matthews: 7 rec, 70 yards, 1 TD

He is unquestioned number one target in this offense, and he can easily operate with some rooms against the Bears secondary.

Alshon Jeffery: 4 rec, 80 yards, 1 TD

He won't be super effective, but his big play ability will shine in this matchup.


Average Plays

Jeremy Langford:  5 rec, 70 yards. 1 TD

He won't do too much damage on the ground, but the Bears need his hands to move the chain. He will be a good PPR play.

Zach Miller: 4 rec, 50 yards

We can never expect Miller to do much in this offense, but Cutler will look at his 6-4 target in the middle every time he is pressured.

Carson Wentz: 280 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT

He doesn't have to be too aggressive tonight, and if his first NFL games mean anything, this kid is pretty calm and not prone to make mistakes. Expect similar output from his first game.


Bad Plays

Jay Cutler: 250 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT

He still needs couple more games to get used to his new O-line, and it's tough to see the king of interception get away without few tonight.

Ryan Matthews: 60 yards

His talent is unquestioned, and he will see enough carries, which establish a safe floor. He just won't be the focal point of the offense tonight, and this will be a below average game for him.