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Week 2 FanDuel GPP Lineup

Take a look at this Mile-High money-maker.

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Take a look at my favorite GPP lineup for FanDuel this weekend.

QB: Trevor Siemian: $6,400

I like Siemian for a couple touchdowns in this high-flying contest against the Colts in Denver this weekend. The over/under is WAY too low, and this price is great.

RB: Danny Woodhead: $6,400

Woodhead is the next Matt Forte in that he is always underrated. There is always some reason he wont do it again. Then, he does it again.

RB: TJ Yeldon: $6,500

Yeldon plays the Chargers this week. This year, play the running back that is playing the Chargers.

WR: Odell Beckham: $9,400

The Saints and the Giants scored 328 points in their matchup last season, and not much has changed with these 2 teams.

WR: AJ Green: $8,900

Andy Dalton knows where his bread is buttered. We may not see nearly 200 yards a game from AJ this year, but it will be close.

WR: Allen Robinson $8,200

Robinson was targeted on every offensive snap for the Jaguars last week.

TE: Virgil Green: $4,600

I think I’ll be the only person that doesn’t live in Denver or who doesn’t have a son named Virgil Green that plays this stack this weekend.

Kicker: Dan Bailey $4,700

I have it on good authority that kickers are people too. Dan Bailey kick ball good. Go Dan!

DST: Miami $4,300

The Dolphins lived in the backfield last Sunday. The Patriots lose in an upset this weekend. I want a piece of this amazing D-Line.

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