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FanDuel GPP Lineup Week 2 - Driving the Carr

Struggling on who to play in your tournament lineups on FanDuel this week? Check out one of Robert's GPP lineups to help you.

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This is for those tournaments you are playing on FanDuel, and should not be used for your 50/50 and other cash games. Some of these players will be of the boom or bust variety. Each week I will be giving you one of these lineups. Sometimes these lineups will work great, but other times it may become a complete dud (last weeks falls into this category). How about we just get right into the picks and try to do a better job then last week.

Gary Barnidge $6,000:

So a first for me when creating a GPP lineup, I actually started by selecting my TE. This week it was obvious to me who I wanted. That player is the man who had only 2 tagets and 0 receptions last week in Gary Barnidge. With RGIII going on the IR, in steps everyone's favorite backup QB in Josh McCown. Last year with McCown as his starting QB, Barnidge put up 46 receptions for 641 yards and 6 TD's over that 8 game span. In FanDuel points that would be 15.4 per game. Yeah I think I like my chances here with McCown back at the helm for Barnidge to look great once again.

Derek Carr $8,300 and Michael Crabtree $6,200:

My stack of the week this week is more of a contrarian stack. The big stacks will be involving Manning and Brees, but in order to try and win big, you need to fade it. That is where Carr and Crabtree come in. Last week we saw the Falcons defense get torched by the Bucs and Jameis Winston. Derek Carr is probably on similar ground to Winston at the moment, and Carr has less of a running game to rely on. The reason for Crabtree over Cooper is simple. Desmond Trufant is one of the best corners in the league, and I fully expect him to be covering Cooper most of the game. This will leave Crabtree with a far lesser corner. Carr is a smart enough QB that he is going to realize that he needs to take advantage of throwing away from Trufant and towards Crabtree.

C.J. Anderson $7,800:

We just saw last week the tandem of Ameer Abdullah and Theo Riddick put up over a combined 45 points on the Colts defense. This week it will be C.J. Anderson's turn to do the same. Anderson is being used again as a receiver out of the backfield for the Broncos as a checkdown option, lending him to have massive upside against a terrible defense.

A.J. Green $8,900:

Green looked like Antonio Brown last week with all of the targets he got. Now instead of playing a Jets secondary that is average, he gets to go up against a terrible Steelers secondary. Andy Dalton let everyone know that Green is his guy, and he will continue to force him the ball until we see otherwise. This will lead to Green having the upside to have another game over 150 yards and possibly 2 TD's.

DeMarco Murray $7,400:

What we saw in week one was a different Murray than the one we saw last year in Philly. Watching the game Murray looked far more comfortable running the ball out of normal formations instead of constantly running handoffs out of the gun. While Murray may never be that guy we saw back in 2014, this version does show the same upside that 2014 version had. With the Titans going up against the high flying Lions, I fully expect the Titans to try and slow the game down by giving the ball to Murray early and often, whether that is by handing him the ball, or having him once again run routes out of the backfield. I could easily see him going for over 100 rushing yards and 2 TD's, with 5 receptions for 50 yards also added into the mix.

Victor Cruz $5,700:

He is the cheapest of the three giants receivers, yet he has more upside than Shepard. Cruz had the same amount of targets as Shepard did in week one, but it was Cruz who was the one who played in all but 6 offensive snaps for the team. Cruz is clearly the guy they have starting opposite of Beckham Jr., and if the Saints try to just blanket Odell, we could see a major resurgence from Cruz.

Seattle Seahawks $5,200:

So not much to elaborate on here. The Rams offense looked awful against the 49ers. If you can't even look good against the 49ers how are you supposed to play well against the Seahawks?

Roberto Aguayo $4,500:

My kicker will always be one of the cheapest starters with a high implied point total according to the betting lines. This weak that minimum priced kicker is Roberto Aguayo, who will be kicking against a Cardinals team that could be stalling a very stong Bucs offense when they get in the redzone.