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FanDuel DFS Football Cash Game Picks For Week 2

Robert is back to give you his FanDuel Cash Game picks for week 2.

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Last week's recommendations looked great, with only Dak Prescott being a letdown. If you had played the lineup that I outlined at the end of the article you would have scored 151.68 points. That was good enough to win you cash games, and even was good enough to win a little bit of money in some tournaments as well. Normally that won't be the case, but it does go to show that if you have created a cash game lineup you feel confident in to not only perform with a high floor, but also have some upside, you should enter it into a lower money tournament to see if you can get some extra money.

Again these picks are geared toward cash games. One thing to remember with your cash game picks, is that you are not trying to be contrarian. If there is a guy who seems like he will be in a lot of lineups, don't shy away from him for that reason, do that in your big tournaments. I will give you a few options at positions, and then at the end say who I am going with for my main cash game lineup. Now how about we get into the picks. Players are listed by position, and then ordered by the ones I like most.


Eli Manning ($8,100) - I don't know if you can create a cash game lineup this week without getting as much exposure to the Saints Giants game as possible. Where that should start is with the cheaper of the two QB's in Eli Manning. We all know what happened the last time these two teams played, as it was a shootout nobody could forget. While there is virtually no chance that will happen again, we should still see both teams putting up north of 30 points in this game. With a full complement of targets at his disposal, Eli should have no problem putting up over 20 points for your lineups this week, presenting tremendous value.

Cam Newton ($9,000) - This week the cheaper plays at QB are just unispiring. That is why the guy I would look towards if you aren't playing Manning would be Cam Newton. With Chip Kelly in San Francisco, we saw them run a ton of plays on Monday night. He has brought over his similar style from Philly, which means a faster paced game all around with more plays for both teams. This works in Cam's favor as he will now have extra opportunities to put big numbers. Also the return of Kelvin Benjamin and his looking to be right back to the guy he was in 2014 makes him the safest play at the position.

Running Backs:

DeAngelo Williams ($7,600) - Over the last eight weeks last year (the time when Bell went down and he became the starter), Williams was a force averaging 18.8 FanDuel points per game. He scored 8 TD's over that stretch, and followed that up by putting up another monster performance in week one this year. Nothing has changed with the matchup, as in the one game he started against the Bengals last year he put up 91 total yards and 2 TD's. He is going to be used heavily again here, and will exceed his value once again.

C.J. Anderson ($7,800) - We just saw last week the tandem of Ameer Abdullah and Theo Riddick put up over a combined 45 points on the Colts defense. This week it will be C.J. Anderson's turn to do the same. While it may be tough to fit both of these higher priced RB's in your lineup, I can assure you if you find a way to do you will not be disappointed. Anderson is being used again as a receiver out of the backfield for the Broncos as a checkdown option, lending him to have a massive floor against a terrible defense.

Danny Woodhead ($6,400) - For a second year straight we are sad to see Keenan Allen's season cut short to an injury. Like last year though, Woodhead should now find himself as a safe option each week that his salary is below $7,000. Even with the great performance by Melvin Gordon last week, Danny Woodhead still had more carries, targets, and receptions than Gordon. You may also think that since Gordon was the one who scored in the redzone that he is the goaline back, but that wouldn't be right. If you include receptions inside the redzone, Woodhead actually had more touches than Gordon in the redzone as well. While I don't think 16 carries are in the cards this week, something like 10 carries with 6 or more receptions should be expected.

Two other cheap options if needed since you are paying up at other positions, Theo Riddick at $5,900 and Ryan Mathews at $6,300

Wide Receivers:

A.J. Green ($8,900) - Green looked like Antonio Brown last week with all of the targets he got. Now instead of playing a Jets secondary that is average, he gets to go up against a terrible Steelers secondary. Andy Dalton let everyone know that Green is his guy, and he will continue to force him the ball until we see otherwise. This will lead to another 7 receptions, 100+ yards, and at least 1 TD.

Odell Beckham Jr. ($9,400) - Not much to say here. This game looks like it will be another shootout. Beckham is Manning's top receiver, and we have seen how awful the Saints defense is at defending the pass. The only hesitation that I have is how much Cruz and Shepard will be involved in this game, as well as how much Jennings will be touching the ball on the ground.

Jordan Matthews ($6,900) - Wentz looked good, granted it was against the Browns, but that isn't the biggest reason he is a cash game pick this week. Last week we saw Matthews get targeted 14 times, and with Zach Ertz potentially sitting out this week, Matthews should easily see that kind of volume continue. A matchup against a weaker Bears opponent also has never hurt anyone, and should allow for a similar week to the one against the Browns here.

Willie Snead ($7,200) - You can get some cheaper exposure to the potential shootout with Willie Snead here. Cooks is clearly the number one for the Saints, but when you throw the ball as much as they do, being the number two option isn't all that bad either. The Giants secondary while looking better against the Cowboys, shouldn't be viewed as a great defense quite yet. They did that against a rookie QB in his first start, so how about we wait until we see them against an All-Pro QB before being scared of them. Snead, while never been a big TD producer so far in his first 16 career games, does have 78 receptions over that span, and with a matchup against the Giants, we should be seeing him at least rack up 100 yards on 6 receptions.

Tight Ends:

Jason Witten ($5,900) -14 times Witten was targeted in week one. He converted 9 of those into receptions for 66 yards. If we see teams daring Prescott in the pocket, we can be sure that he will need to get the ball out quick to his safety net. That man is Jason Witten it appears. While he may not get 9 receptions in this game, I do think something along the lines of 7 receptions for 75 yards and a great chance at a TD should be expected.

Vance McDonald ($4,600) - This one may appear odd to see in a cash game article, but just hear me out. At his low price he doesn't have to do much to try and get value for you. In the games that Blaine Gabbert has started since last year, McDonald has put up 25 receptions for 295 yards and 4 TD's. That is over an 8 game span. His FanDuel average over that span then is 8.25 points. While that wouldn't get you to value, it is pretty close, and with a matchup where they will need to throw the ball a lot, McDonald is sure to do better than his average.


Roberto Aguayo ($4,500) - My kicker will always be one of the cheapest starters with a high implied point total according to the betting lines. This weak that minimum priced kicker is Roberto Aguayo, who will be kicking against a Cardinals team that could be stalling a very stong Bucs offense when they get in the redzone.


Seattle Seahawks ($5,200) - So not much to elaborate on here. The Rams offense looked awful against the 49ers. If you can't even look good against the 49ers how are you supposed to play well against the Seahawks?

New England Patriots ($4,500) - If you can't fit the Seahawks into your lineup, the Patriots are a nice consolation prize. While the Seahawks offense looked awful last week, their opponent looked even worse. The Dolphins struggled all game with moving the ball, and limiting the damage they did. While Tannehill didn't throw a pick last week, he did fumble, and I expect him to have at least 2 turnovers in this game.

My Cash Lineup:

QB: Eli Manning $8,100

RB: DeAngelo Williams $7,600

RB: Danny Woodhead $6,400

WR: A.J. Green $8,900

WR: Willie Snead $7,200

WR: Jordan Matthews $6,900

TE: Jason Witten $5,900

Kicker: Roberto Aguayo $4,500

D/ST: New England Patriots $4,500

Good Luck to everyone in week two, and remember to check the inactives on Sunday morning to see if a guy you are playing is out, or if you can take advantage of someone getting a start.