Boom or Bust and the Over-Reaction In Between

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In Fantasy Football you can expect only the unexpected. Devastating team injury, suspensions, underdog upsets and those days where you just don't know what the hell is going on. The FFB world loves to overreact and since we wait all year for what seems like a few short weeks you "no-bullshit" managers maybe looking into those risk/reward players on your roster. Then there are always those players that you cringe to sit on your bench. You know the players that have the potential to dominate the fantasy world week to week but just can't seem to kick the injury bug or they have terrible weeks. They are the players you draft high and expect more from but it just seems like their momentum going into the season often falls flat.

Week 1 in Fantasy was full of "WTF" moments and huge surprises. Players you could normally rely on seemed to "drop the ball" figuratively and literally. These regular fantasy giants put a huge hole in some fantasy rosters to start of the season but rest assured Fantasy fans for some of these workhorses lackluster performance week one doesn't necessarily a cause for panic.

1.) Sammy Watkins- WR Buffalo Bills

In the season opener Watkins was not just hurting for yardage he was just plain hurting. If it was merely a poor performance there wouldn't be a question on the potential that he brings to the table. However with just 43 yards on 4 catches for what was many owners WR-1 and nagging injuries, there are definitely some red flags flying here. Not only is he less than healthy, coming back from off-season foot surgery, the WR manifested nothing but pain to both his real coaches and his fantasy owners. Now with reports that Watkins might be out for weeks to come and the realization that he barely got through Week 1, should be cause for alarm if he is on your roster. The risk vs reward isn't there, and while I don't recommend dropping him you should definitely not be relying on him. I'll consider him busted until he 100% healthy.

2.) Dez Bryant- WR Dallas Cowboys

What a huge disappointment Week 1 was for Bryant, completely shut down scoring less than a single fantasy point in some leagues and being outscored by 2nd and 3rd stringers. We were all hoping Dez might be the "Come-back" player of 2016 but since rookie QB- Dak Prescott can't seem to find Bryant ,managing only 5 targets to him in the season opener, and the WR can't seem to hold onto the ball it seems that he might just be building off of last years unproductive numbers. His success will come from the pair finding chemistry and until that happens don't expect elite numbers from Dez until QB- Tony Romo comes back. But since you probably used up a first or second round pick on Bryant like I did I suggest you follow suit and bench him until he actually does something or has a GREAT match up. For me hes Busted until Romo isn't.

3.) Spencer Ware- RB Kansas City Chiefs

Well what do you know? Jamaal Charles is hurt again. But rest assured the Chiefs have insured their offense by extending the contracts of their other two franchise RB Charcandrick West and we got to see a big performance by RB- Spencer Ware and with Charles having a shaky return, recovering from his 2nd ACL surgery in 5 years the potential for Ware to become a go-to is imminent. Wares 199 of total offense, including 70 yards rushing, one touchdowns and 129 receiving yards made him a fantasy owners dream and made you hardly miss Jamaal Charles. Ok maybe that's a stretch, it was tough to have to bench what was one of my top RBs but with Ware putting up good numbers and with a desirable match up in week 2 I would look for him to be the starter and receive most of the targets until Charles is healthy again (which is hardly ever). Ware has big BOOM potential right now and is worth being on your fantasy roster at the moment.

4.) Tevin Coleman-RB Atlanta Falcons

Surprisingly Coleman took a huge role in Week 1, seemingly earning his starting position back from one of last years break out stars Devontae Freeman. Last year Coleman was putting up great numbers before injury and losing his role to the rookie but he seems to be finding his footing in their offense again. Going forward fantasy owners should expect good things from Coleman and hopefully his performance was not a fluke due to extra coverage on Freeman. In any instance Coleman's number suggest he is definitely worth owning in this year's elite RB starved draft. I think his position is his to lose and the competition between the two is good for everybody an means there is definitely some good football ahead.

And finally...

5.) Jameis Winston- QB Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This one is a tough one for me because I am not exactly a huge Winston fan. So far the kid has a bad rap and like the rest of you I have heard the bad about him however let's talk "Talent ". The talent for Winston to become an elite Top 10 overall quarterback is there, especially now that he came back much healthier and seemingly more focused in his sophomore season. Week 1 for Winston was huge, despite an easier match up ,racking in a league high 4 touchdowns and completing some great passes 100 yards+. While he was arguably the best passer in week 1 and pulled off some impressive numbers, its the fact that he is IMPROVING so much from last year, that has me warming up to the guy. His toughest opponent will he his tough schedule in the beginning of the season. His next matchups are against some of the best defenses in the league Cardinals, Broncos, Panthers notably. I think he he can hold his own and continue having success with the long ball Winston has huge potential and might be an easy pick up in some leagues as he was not likely your first choice. He has all the working parts and if he can capitalize he will have fantasy owners saying "here comes the BOOM" . Potential powerhouse.

Fantasy fam, listen to me now... it's only Week 1. We spend the whole off season leading up to our drafts, contemplating the outcome and when the shit hits the fan we are ready to trade away everyone and we sometimes make bad choices. Be patient, look at your match ups and make those hard decisions that can make the difference between Fantasy playoff berth or Season Bust . We are here to help!

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