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FanDuel GPP Lineup Week 1 - All Day

Struggling on who to play in your tournament lineups on FanDuel this week? Check out one of Robert's GPP lineups to help you in starting your season right.

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Just like I did last year, I will be presenting you guys with one of my GPP lineups. This is for those tournaments you are playing on FanDuel, and should not be used for your 50/50 and other cash games. Some of these players will be of the boom or bust variety. Each week I will be giving you one of these lineups. Sometimes these lineups will work great, but other times it may become a complete dud. How about we just get right into the picks?

Matthew Stafford $7,400 and Marvin Jones Jr. $5,500:

The first part of the lineup that I did this week was the stack. I know that a lot of people will be on Dak Prescott and his criminally low price point, but I will be going with the QB I think has the biggest upside this week in Stafford. This game has the second highest implied point total behind the Raiders vs. Saints game, but I think this one will be higher scoring. The Colts and the Lions defense's are both below average, allowing this game to be a fast paced air attack. While Golden Tate is the safer receiver to use in this stack, I think Jones has the higher upside with his better skills in the redzone. While this is not too far of the radar as a pick, it should involve two guys who won't be too high owned.

Sammy Watkins $7,300:

We saw how big of a tear he ended last season on. Over the last 9 games in 2015, he put up 900 yards and 7 TD's. Now you get a matchup against a bad Ravens secondary, and I expect that connection we saw with Tyrod Taylor and Watkins to continue going in week one. His upside is right up their with the likes of Julio Jones, Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham Jr., but he comes in almost $2,000 less than all three of those guys.

Odell Beckham Jr. $9,100:

Speaking of Odell, he is the guy of the top three receivers I am using this week. I figure is the most likely to be the least owned of the three, but is actually in just as good a position as them. Against Dallas last year Beckham underwhelmed by going collecting 9 receptions for 79 yards. That was in two games, not just one. The Cowboys defense isn't that good though, and they will struggle to stop Beckham Jr. again for a third straight game, especially now that Sterling Shepard is starting opposite Odell. We have seen games where he puts up either 3 TD's, or goes for over 160 yards and 2 TD's, and those are the types of games I will be needing here to have a chance of hitting it big.

Coby Fleener $5,400:

Fleener finds himself in an ideal situation with the Saints. Fleener is a better option than Ben Watson was last year, and even Watson was putting up some good numbers. The Raiders defense, while much improved, is still vulnerable to the Tight End. We also know that the Saints defense hasn't improved, forcing them to throw the ball even more when they are down by 14 at half. Fleener should be ready to show how big of a year he will have with Drew Brees in this very fantasy friendly offense. Something along the lines of 80 yards and 2 TD's isn't out of the question.

Ezekiel Elliott $7,900:

This is a pick that I was debating for awhile. While Elliott has the upside to post a great game against a subpar Giants defense, he is sure to be heavily used in GPP's this week. In the end though, the fact that the Cowboys will have the need to showcase their first round pick and prove to everyone that he was worthy of being picked 4th overall has me putting him in my lineup. Not only will Elliott produce on the ground, he should also add a little bit by getting 3-5 receptions in this game.

Minnesota Vikings $4,600:

The Vikings were a top ten scoring defense last year on FanDuel, and now have a solid matchup in the Titans. This game has slow moving all over it. That isn't a bad thing though as the Vikings should easily be able to keep the Titans from scoring. If the Vikings offense can get a few TD's though, this will force Mariota to throw the ball, almost assuring a few interceptions along the way.

Adrian Peterson $8,200:

Speaking of the Vikings, AP is going to be heavily leaned upon this week. Shaun Hill is the expected starter, which means that the Vikings will do everything they can to make it as easy as possible on him to win the game. This will result in Peterson getting a lot of touches out of the backfield, which may include a slight uptick in receptions on top of the 20+ carries he is sure to get. We all know the player AP can be, as all it takes is that one run to break things open.

Chris Boswell $4,600:

So this will be quick, this week I am going with the guy on one of the highest scoring offenses, with a high implied point total in Chris Boswell. The Steelers shouldn't struggle moving the ball down the field, which means plenty of chances for Boswell to put up points.

And that does it for one of my GPP lineups for this week. Good luck everyone and let's get ready for a great season.