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Which fantasy baseball hitters are hitting the ball hard most often?

These hitters lead baseball in high exit velocities with positive launch angles.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Generally, the harder a ball is hit, the better chance it has at becoming a hit. Via Statcast, batters who generate batted balls with exit velocities of 100+ mph with a positive launch angle register hits roughly 70% of the time on those type of batted balls, a .720 batting average. OPS rises to over 2.000 with that type of hard contact, with BABIP at .640. Hitting the ball hard is usually a way to make run scoring more likely.

Launch angles are also important when using exit velocity, because negative launch angles can slow down batted balls even when they leave the bat at very high exit speeds, making hits less likely at those speeds than they otherwise would be. Batting average on batted balls with 100+ mph exit velocities falls from .720 with positive launch angles to .350 with negative launch angles.

Here are some visuals of different positive launch angles of 100+ mph batted balls, from lowest to highest.

102 mph exit velocity, 0.5 degree launch angle

106 mph exit velocity, 16 degree launch angle

103 mph exit velocity, 32 degree launch angle

You can see by the visuals that hard hit fly balls are the highest value range by OPS.

Here are the leaders in exit velocities of 100+ mph with a positive launch angle. The data has been collected using the Statcast database.

1. Miguel Cabrera, 94

2. Josh Donaldson, 91

3. Khris Davis, 91

4. Manny Machado, 86

5. David Ortiz, 85

6. Robinson Cano, 82

7. Mark Trumbo, 82

8. Evan Longoria, 80

9. Christian Yelich, 78

10. Mike Trout, 78

11. Kris Bryant, 75

12. Corey Seager, 75

13. Justin Upton, 73

14. Carlos Correa, 71

15. Edwin Encarnacion, 71

16. Ian Desmond, 70

17. Paul Goldschmidt, 70

18. Daniel Murphy, 70

19. George Springer, 70

20. Freddie Freeman, 69

21. Anthony Rendon, 69

22. Chris Carter, 68

23. Wilson Ramos, 68

24. Nelson Cruz, 68

25. Eric Hosmer, 68

26. Andrew McCutchen, 67

27. Justin Turner, 67

28. Jake Lamb, 66

29. Carlos Santana, 66

30. Kyle Seager, 66