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Updated Wide Receiver Rankings - Standard Leagues

Week three of the preseason is over, and we are moving into labor day weekend, the last big draft weekend of the year. See my updated WR rankings to help you in preparing for the last stretch of drafts.

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We are now past the biggest week in the preseason. With only one week left of preseason action, the stars and most starters have seen there final looks before the season begins. Quite possibly the biggest injury to the Wide Receiver position didn't even happen to a Wide Receiver. No that injury happened to Tony Romo, who as we saw last year, is a big part of what makes Dez Bryant an elite talent. Other injury situations have started to become a little clearer though as well, with Sammy Watkins looking good to go in week one.

These rankings are for standard scoring leagues. For PPR rankings, see the content that other writers here have offered as those will be better suited towards your leagues scoring system. And now let's get to the rankings.

Rank Player Team Notes
1 Antonio Brown Steelers Was #1 WR last year, and that was with him having to play with a backup QB for 4 games. Imagine what he could do with a full season of Big Ben.
2 Julio Jones Falcons Who else is going to get the ball in Atlanta? Julio is the premier and only threat outside of Devonta Freeman catching the ball. Expect numbers similar to last year.
3 Odell Beckham Jr. Giants The last guy in the first tier. In 27 career games, he has scored 25 TD's, and averaged 102 yards per game. Those are crazy numbers, and I don't think we should expect that to stop anytime soon.
4 A.J. Green Bengals Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu are gone. Insert a rookie in Tyler Boyd opposite him. We are looking at getting the volume A.J. Green from two years ago now as the only other receiving targets are Bernard and the oft injured Tyler Eifert.
5 DeAndre Hopkins Texans Brock Osweiler has to be an upgrade over the revolving door that Hopkins had last year. Biggest problem is the addition of Lamar Miller being able to carry the load on offense, which will possibly cut into the volume Hopkins got used to last year.
6 Mike Evans Buccaneers Last year was his first with Winston. I am expecting Winston to take a leap forward this year, which will translate directly to Evans. After his bye week, once he could be fully healthy from his hamstring injury, he put up 1,032 yards over 11 games.
7 Allen Robinson Jaguars A big play receiver who also picked up 5+ receptions in 11 games, 8 of them in a row. His TD production can't be sustained on a team with Julius Thomas and Allen Hurns, not to mention the lack of rushing TD's that Ivory will now get at the goaline.
8 Dez Bryant Cowboys I am not too worried about the Romo injury as it pertains to Dez, but there is enough of a drop in talent to move Bryant down a few spots. Prescott appears to be a more apt passer then the revolving door of last year, which should help keep Bryant as a top 10 guy.
9 Jordy Nelson Packers Suffered a bit of a setback to start training camp, and I am a little worried he may not be himself for the first few weeks. Averaging out his last two healthy years, you get just over 1,400 yards and 10.5 TD's. Nelson himself is the only thing that can hold him back.
10 Sammy Watkins Bills This is a player who could vault himself into the upper tier if everything goes according to plan. After the bye week he put up 900 yards and 7 TD's over that 9 game span. He has now had a full year with Taylor at QB, so the sky is the limit.
11 Alshon Jeffrey Bears Injuries derailed his 2015 season. Now with full health going into the year, he should revert back to his 2014 production as a top 12 WR.
12 Keenan Allen Chargers Would have finished as the 8th best receiver if he had his stats extrapolated over an entire season. Rivers looked at him more than ever last year, and that should happen again this year. His injury last year was a lacerated kidney, so don't expect any lingering effects to his game or health.
13 Brandon Marshall Jets Another player who can't sustain the 14 TD's he scored last year. While he does have Fitzpatrick back for this season, one has to wonder if Matt Forte's presence in the passing game will take away from his targets.
14 Brandin Cooks Saints Started slow, but played well after the first four games. The additions of Michael Thomas and Coby Fleener threaten some of his targets, along with presumably a full season from Mark Ingram.
15 Amari Cooper Raiders Over 1,000 yards as a rookie with a second year QB. His numbers should improve this year, as he has the opportunity to be a top 10 WR if he takes some of the targets that would have gone to Crabtree last year.
16 Golden Tate Lions Even with Calvin Johnson last year, Tate put up 90 receptions on only 128 targets. Someone has to get the targets Calvin left behind, as they all won't go to Marvin Jones. In 2014 without Calvin for 3 weeks, Tate put up 349 yards and 2 TD's. In the two weeks prior with Calvin being a decoy, those numbers for 5 weeks go to almost 600 yards and 3 TD's.
17 Julian Edelman Patriots Is Edelman ever going to play another full season? He has only done it once in his career. He is a borderline top 12 receiver when he plays, it just comes down to whether he can stay on the field or not.
18 Demaryius Thomas Broncos No Peyton Manning and no Brock Osweiler. All that is left is Trevor Siemian. Yeah I don't like the sound of that either, even factoring in the noodle arm that Manning had last year. This team will be a lot more run heavy going forward.
19 T.Y. Hilton Colts Andrew Luck is going to be back, which is the best news you can have if you are Hilton. The emergence of Moncrief and possibly Dorsett may stop Hilton from reaching his 2014 numbers again, but he should be pretty close to it.
20 Randall Cobb Packers Last year was ugly for him. Either he regressed and is already starting on his decline, or the loss of Jordy Nelson stretching the field hurt him. I tend to think the latter. Don't expect 2015 numbers, but don't expect 2014 numbers either. Something around 1,000 yards and 7 TD's seems right.
21 Kelvin Benjamin Panthers Posted over 1,000 yards in his rookie season. Now that Newton has broken out as a passer, we may see Benjamin's full potential unleashed.
22 Jarvis Landry Dolphins Emergence of DeVante Parker shouldn't impact Landry too much, as he operates out of the slot and runs different routes. His lack of scoring hurts him in standard leagues. In PPR he is much higher in the rankings.
23 Doug Baldwin Seahawks Nobody finished the year like Baldwin did. In weeks 10-16 he scored 12 TD's. The problem is that was done when Thomas Rawls, Marshawn Lynch, and Jimmy Graham were hurt. Rawls and Graham are going to be back this year, as well as the emerging Tyler Lockett getting more looks. Don't overpay for that 7 week stretch.
24 Donte Moncrief Colts Like Hilton, should benefit from the return of Andrew Luck. Is going to be the number 2 receiver from day one, and shouldn't have to worry about people impeding on his targets. Needs to bring consistency to his game before he can be fully trusted though.
25 Jeremy Maclin Chiefs Whether you notice Maclin or not on Sundays, he provides results. While the TD total may come down slightly with Charles back, don't expect him to lose any of his targets or yards.
26 Eric Decker Jets Similar to Marshall expect for the difference in targets, which leads to less receptions and yards. Also like Marshall expect his TD total to fall from 12 to a more reasonable 7-8.
27 John Brown Cardinals I thought he would breakout as the top guy last year and that didn't happen. Well I think this is the year, as he is clearly the most dynamic receiver on the team. Preventing him from jumping higher is the ever lingering presence of Fitzgerald and Floyd.
28 DeVante Parker Dolphins Finally healthy for all of training camp and has no competition for his spot. Last year Rishard Matthews emergence as a legit receiver held back Parker till the last 6 weeks of the year. He is still the guy I loved last year, and now he has his chance to shine.
29 Torrey Smith 49ers Chip Kelly seems to always have one top receiver every year. Even if you figure Jordan Matthews disappointed last year, he still finished as the 20th best receiver last year. Now it is Torrey Smith's turn, and really is Gabbert any worse than Sam Bradford at this point?
30 Marvin Jones Lions Has big shoes to fill as the Calvin Johnson replacement. I expect Tate to pick up most of the slack for what Johnson leaves behind, but Jones could be that big redzone presence that has been left behind.
31 Jordan Matthews Eagles Disappointed last year, and now doesn't get to play in the fantasy friendly Chip Kelly offense. Lined up a lot in the slot last year, which may no longer be an option with Doug Pederson liking to run bigger 2 WR sets.
32 Michael Floyd Cardinals Until one of these three guys is gone from Arizona, they are going to have capped ceilings. Big play guy that can go for 100+ yards and 2 TD's, or have 1 reception for 16 yards.
33 Sterling Shepard Giants Top rookie receiver for redraft is Shepard. He is stepping into the number 2 role opposite of Beckham Jr. Should see plenty of targets from Eli, and will be often looked at when Beckham Jr. has double coverage.
34 Emmanuel Sanders Broncos See Thomas, Demaryius.
35 Kevin White Bears Missed all of last year, but don't let that deter you. He is still the same physical freak he was when he was drafted 7th overall in 2015. Has serious potential, but should be a little cautious to start the year before going all in.
36 Stefon Diggs Vikings Are the Vikings going to throw enough to sustain 2 WR's, let alone one? My guess is Diggs becomes the top guy, but losing Teddy for the season does put a slight cap on his ceiling. Hopefully someone like Mike Glennon is traded to the Vikings and then Diggs could really breakout.
37 Josh Gordon Browns Gordon is sitting out the first four games of the year. Really tough to rank this guy, but at this point, his upside is worth a flier. If you need this pick to be a starter, look at one of the next two guys instead as they are safer.
38 Tyler Lockett Seahawks Showed flashes of what he could be last year. Wasn't able to breakout down the stretch with Baldwin commanding most of the attention, but going into his second year he could easily be the one who we look at as the top Seattle receiver going into next season.
39 DeSean Jackson Redskins Do you feel lucky? Ask yourself that question whenever you think about starting him. Jordan Reed is the big receiver on this team, and Josh Doctson could emerge as the second target ahead of Jackson by midyear.
40 Larry Fitzgerald Cardinals He surprised out of the gate last year showing some signs of life. After that though, he fell right back to where I thought he would be. I think you may see some weeks where he flashes the old self again, but he is too old to do it consistently.
41 Corey Coleman Browns Coleman is a rookie that is lightning quick. Problems arise though when considering his QB situation, and the fact that Josh Gordon will be playing again this year. May have some great weeks, but will have far more disappointing ones if he doesn't look great early on.
42 Kamar Aiken Ravens Crowded receiver room leaves Aiken further down then his talent should be. When all guys are healthy, he will be lucky to be the 3rd receiver on a team that isn't great at passing, but the possibility that him and Flacco may develop a connection early on is certainly intriguing.
43 Michael Crabtree Raiders Cooper should start to steal away from Crabtree's targets, leaving him with less work to try and make plays with. Still a safe option late though.
44 Michael Thomas Saints Has to battle with Willie Snead to get the number 2 receiver spot. I think he has enough skill to overtake Snead by week 8, and after that could become a great option.
45 Devin Funchess Panthers Has looked good in preseason, and word is that he may push Benjamin for some of his looks. While I don't fully believe it, I can't deny the fact that second year receivers always make a big improvement, and we loved some of his skills that he flashed last season.
46 Allen Hurns Jaguars The TD production can't stand, and like I said with Allen Robinson, the TD's should be more spread out this year amongst the RB's, WR's, and TE's.
47 Philip Dorsett Colts Stuck as the number 3 receiver on the Colts, but should still see enough targets in the new 3 WR offense to make him viable in deep leagues on a week to week basis.
48 Steve Smith Sr. Ravens Is Smith going to stay healthy? When is he going to return? All of these questions push him down to 46 in the rankings, even though he is productive when on the field.
49 Chris Hogan Patriots Currently looks like the starting receiver opposite of Edelman, but that can quickly change as he had problems with drops last year, something Belichick has benched other starters for in the past years.
50 Josh Doctson Redskins Will be fighting with Garcon for targets in the preseason and the first couple of weeks. Shouldn't have trouble beating him out, and after that, all he has to do is show he can be trusted more than DeSean Jackson to get more looks.
51 Willie Snead Saints Like I said with Michael Thomas, they are going to be fighting each other for looks, and I see Thomas winning the role by week 8, rendering Snead after that a tough option to like.
52 Tyler Boyd Bengals Another rookie receiver, but unlike others, has been production so far in camp. He has won the 2nd receiver spot on the team, which in an Andy Dalton offense will always lead to some production.
53 Tavon Austin Rams Was a great big play guy last year, but difficult for him to keep up that kind of production. Case Keenum is currently the QB, but Jared Goff will be under center at some point, which limits Austin's opportunities, not to mention Todd Gurley will be leaned on all year.
54 Breshad Perriman Ravens We may finally see Perriman play this year, but with the Ravens offense in question, and the crowded depth chart at receiver, it is hard to see him making big impact for more than a couple of weeks.
55 Will Fuller Texans Drops. He is going to have plenty of drops this year. He was known for them in College, and with a team that has playoff aspirations, you can't let a rookie potentially get in the way of that with those kinds of mistakes. Will he have a great week once in a while? Sure, but don't expect it going into a week.
56 Vincent Jackson Buccaneers Saw a huge reduction in targets last year compared to past, and also got hurt. Will see more of his usual work from the past again go towards Mike Evans, making Vincent Jackson a boom or bust guy that won't have too many weeks of boom.
57 Travis Benjamin Chargers Keenan Allen is the go to guy, with Antonio Gates and Danny Woodhead coming next, leaving Benjamin too far down in the pecking order to make a difference.
58 Kenny Stills Dolphins Currently he is hurt, so keep tabs on his status moving forward.
59 Mohamed Sanu Falcons Is going to be starting opposite of Julio Jones, but don't be fooled. He had his chance as a starter before in 2014 and was mediocre then. Nothing has changed.
60 Rishard Matthews Titans Had a nice year last season, but that is all over now. Should be the number one, but on a team that is going to run the ball a lot, Matthews isn't that appealing.
61 Markus Wheaton Steelers Has to fight with Coates to keep the number 2 spot, and while Wheaton has the upper hand right now, he can easily lose it as he was not impressive last year.
62 Sammie Coates Steelers Has to surpass Wheaton to try and make an impact on the game. Shouldn't be too tough, but last year he didn't show much to make me believe that if given the number 2 spot he can put up solid numbers.
63 Laquon Treadwell Vikings Has not impressed myself, nor the Vikings coaches this preseason. Is slated as the number 3 receiver right now, and with Teddy also being out, Treadwell has lost all appeal in redraft leagues.
64 Tajae Sharpe Titans Looked great so far in camp and preseason. Suffers the same problem as Rishard Matthews though, run heavy offense with multiple options for Mariota to look at first.
65 Nelson Agholor Eagles Well last year didn't go according to plan. Now no Chip Kelly, and he has defaulted into a starting role. Until he proves it, I am not too intrigued.
66 Tyrell Williams Chargers Firmly entrenched himself in the WR3 role for the Chargers, and has a chance to beat out Travis Benjamin if he continues looking good during the season. One guy who you should keep an eye on, but not necessarily draft.
67 Terrance Williams Cowboys Is going to have a couple of weeks where he catches a deep ball for a TD. I don't know when those weeks are, and with Romo getting hurt, there may only be a couple of them.
68 Kenny Britt Rams Case Keenum or a rookie QB on a run heavy offense. Maybe Keenum/Goff is better then I expect, but I just don't see that happening. Britt still has the skills, but nobody can unleash them.
69 Pierre Garcon Redskins Is going to lose his battle to Doctson, and then will have to fight Jamison Crowder to get on the field. I think Crowder is better then him as a slot receiver, so we will see if Garcon can make an impact this year.
70 Terrelle Pryor Browns Will be a starting receiver for the first four weeks. After Josh Gordon comes back though it is anybody's guess as to what Pryor's role would be. Gordon trade rumors though do make Pryor an interesting guy to keep on your team if he performs well as a starter.
71 Justin Hardy Falcons Is the number 3 receiver on a team that targets one guy for most of the game. Has the potential to pass Sanu though if Sanu hasn't improved from his days as a Bengal.
72 Jermaine Kearse Seahawks Needs an injury in order to be relevant. If that injury comes though, he could put up some real nice numbers.
73 Jaelen Strong Texans May get the number 2 WR spot by default if Will Fuller drops passes during games like he did in College.
74 Mike Wallace Ravens Has been bouncing around the league the last 4 years. Now entering into a crowded receiver situation that won't be conducive to helping Wallace standout.
75 Robert Woods Bills Tyrod Taylor loved Sammy Watkins last year. Robert Woods value lies with the injury status of Watkins. If hurt, Woods can step in and become a deep league play.