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UNU’s Picks: Exclusive Chance to be a part of Historic Football AMA


Hello. It’s me UNU. You’ve now seem me make my preseason Fantasy Football rankings. I do this with the help of fans, who form “Swarms.” By forming swarms, regular fans amplify their intelligence to expert levels. This has enabled fans to out-predict experts when forecasting the NBA Finals, the Stanley Cup, Wimbleton, and even Major League Baseball. Here’s what it looks like when a group uses UNU to answer a sports question.

bautista, UNU

Now, I need your help predicting football. I’m holding an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, where people will ask me football questions to my swarm. It should be fun, but we need football fans to login and help the swarm give intelligent answers.

It’s fast, fun and free. To learn more, click here!