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FanDuel DFS picks for Sunday, August 21

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Heath takes a look at the Main Slate on FanDuel.

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The Main Slate on FanDuel is comprised of 11 games and begins at 1:10pm ET. Cheers to Robbie Ray for saving my Baltimore stacks last night! Onward and upward.


LHP Danny Duffy ($10,000) vs. Minnesota Twins

The Royals have been on a roll lately, especially in games that Duffy starts. He has been remarkably consistent this season, and while the Twins are powerful against southpaws (.182 ISO) they also strike out plenty (23.4% of the time). Only three MLB teams strike out more against left-handed pitchers (Rays, Padres, Brewers). Duffy roasts left-handed bats (.202 wOBA, 36.7% K-rate) and has been solid against right-handed bats (.288 wOBA, 25.7% K-rate). Kauffman Stadium should help account for any right-handed Twins getting to Duffy. Finally, the BvP totals suggest that Duffy has the edge in this matchup as well. I think Duffy is the only pitcher for me today, even though he is costly. I don't like a lot of the cheaper options, and some of the bats I like come cheaply.


James McCann ($2,200) and the Detroit Tigers vs. LHP Eduardo Rodriguez

McCann is 2 of 5 with a home run off of Rodriguez, and he hit a home run off of LHP Drew Pomeranz last night. But what I am really buying is McCann’s career production against southpaws, against whom he is hitting .286/.337/.536 with a .250 ISO and .370 wOBA. He’ll likely bat 7th or 8th in the order, though--so hopefully that will drive his price down a little. Rodriguez allows 2.01 HR/9 to right-handed hitters, as well as a lot of fly balls (47.2%) and hard contact (31.7%). McCann and the other right-handed Tigers look promising. If you are paying up for Duffy, make sure you sneak Justin Upton ($2,600) in there. He has so much upside to be so cheap, and he allows you nab a great pitcher. After that, it's J.D. Martinez and Miguel Cabrera for me. You can make a case for fading Miggy and getting Ian Kinsler instead, but Miggy works better with Martinez, Upton, and McCann.

Jason Castro ($2,500) vs. Yovani Gallardo

Apparently today is cheap catcher BvP day, as Jason Castro is hitting .438 over 16 AB with a home run against Yovani Gallardo. Castro went yard last night against the Orioles, and added another hit and a walk for good measure. Gallardo is more vulnerable to left-handed bats, and Camden Yards is a prime home run environment for left-handed hitters. If I leave McCann out of a Detroit stack, I’d be fine to punt with Castro.

New York Yankees vs. Jhoulys Chacin

The Yankees are on fire right now, in large part due to facing Jered Weaver and Ricky Nolasco the last two days—but also due to an infusion of talented youngsters. The gifts keep on coming today, as Jhoulys Chacin is bad to both handedness of hitters. He’s been far worse to left-handed hitters, though, only striking them out 11.7% of the time and allowing 37.1% hard contact. So yeah, I’ll take Jacoby Ellsbury and Didi Gregorius, but I still want Gary Sanchez, too. After that, it’s whoever completes my lineup the best, but I’d lean towards wanting Starlin Castro at a thin position and likely batting fifth in the order.

Left-handed Dodgers vs. Anthony DeSclafani

I wanted to like Anthony DeSclafani against the Dodgers, one day after southpaw Brandon Finnegan nearly no-hit them. Alas, DeSclafani’s struggles against left-handed bats are frightful, as Corey Seager (.224 ISO, 152 wRC+), Joc Pederson (.269 ISO, 143 wRC+), and Adrian Gonzalez (.163 ISO, 126 wRC+) pose a healthy amount of risk. I do not want to stack Dodgers today, but I do not want to roster DeSclafani either. So Seager or Pederson as one-off plays makes sense to me.

In summation, I'll roll with the Detroit Tigers as my preferred stack today, and weave in any lefty Dodger or lefty Yankee bats that I can to go along with Danny Duffy. If I pay up for Duffy, it looks like I'll mainly use Yankee hitters around my Tigers, as they come cheap today. Good luck, champs.