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PPR Mock Draft, Take 1

Preseason week 2 means… It’s mock draft season!

Thomas Rawls, prepared for takeoff.
Thomas Rawls, prepared for takeoff.
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

I go through a mock draft that was held on August 3rd to see what’s changed with the hype of the preseason, and go over my team. Special thanks to the Mock Draft Army for the invite!

Before we get started, one quick comment: As you get ready for your drafts, if you remember just one thing, always look twice before crossing the street. If you remember 2 things, remember that there are about 20 viable starting quarterbacks this year.

Otherwise, ZeroRB, ZeroWR, Do The Opposite, Best Player Available, Upside Down, whatever strategy you employ, try to have some fun while you destroy your leaguemates.

This draft was PPR, and I picked out of the 2 spot.

I didn’t go in to the draft looking to avoid anyone tall enough to ride the big-boy rides at Disney, but my squad turned out be rather diminutive. I like the team, and I’d do it all again if I had the chance.

Let’s go pick by pick:

MockDraft1 Clark Barnes

Best team in the draft right there.

Odell Beckham Jr – Round 1, Pick 2

Surprisingly, Julio Jones went first overall. This left Antonio Brown on the board, but I passed to go with Odell. If you’re in the top 3, and take one of the big 3 receivers, I won’t waste the breath arguing who should be #1.

T. Y. Hilton – Round 1, Pick 23

I understand that everyone is excited about Donte Moncrief, but TY Hilton has been catching passes from Andrew Luck for a few years now. Hilton has truly elite speed and a habit of outperforming his draft slot. My favorite running back targets were gone, and TY was by far my highest ranked receiver on the board. I'm happy to take him here.

Devonta Freeman – Round 3, Pick 26

Freeman slowed down near the end of 2015, but if you recall, the Falcons were 6-1 through week 7. They then managed just an 8-8 finish. I liked Freeman coming out of Florida State, and I like what I saw from him last year despite his second half dip. He’ll get plenty of work rushing and catching the ball to pay off a 3rd round pick in PPR. With a long time between picks, I ‘had’ to take a back here.

Thomas Rawls – Round 4, Pick 47

We see the first pick that might be significantly different if we did this draft now that the first couple of preseason games are in the books. Christine Michael has looked strong playing the RB1 for the Seahawks this preseason. I never want to bet that a talented guy like Michael will continue to fail, but I’d take Rawls here in the 4th despite the CMike preseason hype.

John Brown – Round 5, Pick 50

I believe in the Cardinals, and I believe in little John Brown. For now, I assume Brown will come back from his offseason concussion and hit the ground running week 1. This is, I admit, a big assumption. I may get to wait a little longer before having to pull the trigger on Brown now that his ADP is slipping.

Tyler Locket – Round 6, Pick 71

Where I might have taken Brown a little too early, I got a deal on Lockett. Lockett’s ADP continues to rise as he makes impressive plays in the pre-season. This guy might fall through the cracks in your home league. If he’s around at the end of the 6th, grab ‘em.

Jonathan Stewart – Round 7, Pick 74

The ZeroRB crowd is proven right when guys like Stewart are available in the 7th. You can never have too many starting running backs, even if ole’ Jon hasn’t been the most durable guy in the history of the league.

Jay Ajayi – Round 8, Pick 95

Taking Ajayi is a bet on a Foster injury. Ajayi looked serviceable on very limited touches last year, and if he ends up with the bulk of the carries for the Dolphins, he’ll give you a few good flex starts or maybe serve as a good throw in for a trade on down the line.

Torrey Smith – Round 9, Pick 98
I’m taking a shot on a guy that I think could break out here, and Whig Johnson wasn’t available. Horrible 19th century British political humor aside, taking Smith here, I might be getting a top 20 wide receiver with the pace we expect to see out of Chip Kelly’s 49er’s. Of course, I might be getting the Torrey Smith of 2015… but I’ll bet on the Chipper.

Tavon Austin – Round 10, Pick 119

I didn’t want to do it. I shouldn’t have done it. I regret doing it, but Tavon Austin in the 10th? Well… it just sort of happened.

Maybe Jared Goff will play better than Nick Foles, maybe Austin takes a step forward. Blegh.

Eli Manning – Round 11, Pick 122

The Giants ran the 2nd most offensive plays last year (according this site), and I expect they’ll hang around the top 5 in this category in 2016. With Odell Beckham active, Manning has all the receiving threats a QB could hope for. Eli will definitely put up some stinkers, but he’s better than you think. Yes, you.

Tyrod Taylor – Round 12, Pick 143

As much as I love Eli, I do like to give myself some breathing room when I draft young-Manning. Taylor put up several very nice games last year, his first year as a real-deal starter. If Taylor takes the tiniest step forward, and Sammy Watkins and LeSean McCoy can stay healthy, well then, baby you got a stew goin’.

Seattle DST – Round 13, Pick 146

I know, you should never pick your defense before the 2nd to last round in a league that plays kickers. But I took the Seahawks 1 round early. Relax.

Jason Witten – Round 14, Pick 167

I kept missing my Tight End targets throughout the draft. I lke taking a TE in the middle rounds, a guy like Coby Fleener, or Travis Kelce. Or, I don’t mind waiting on a guy like Antonio Gates or Dwayne Allen. The cards just didn’t fall that way in this draft. Getting Witten in the 14th helps dry those tears.

Dan Bailey – Round 15, Pick 170

Um… so, at Kicker… Dan Bailey is good, and I guess the Cowboys will move the ball well this year. Good talk.

If you’ve made it this far, I feel like we’ve really shared a moment. If you want to share more moments with me, or castigate me for wasting this much of your time, check me out @NFLClark on the Twitter.