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Weekend Waiver Wire: Where's the Love?

I'll touch upon some players I'm still surprised have such low ownership percentages and some other hot commodities.

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There are a million ways I can go with the title 'Where's the Love?', but at this point in the season I think it's most apt to touch on guys who I am still shocked have such uninspiring ownership percentages.

To start there's Alex Bregman. I can't say I'm surprised to have seen his ownership tank a bit over the past few weeks. It took him 19 at bats and five games to net a base hit, and then another 18 at bats and four games to poke one for extra bases. But with that beginners slump out of the way, he's batting .293 over his last 15 with a homer in back-to-back games. If Bregman came up and performed immediately at his current level, his ownership would be above the 50% mark. So what I don't get is how it is under 30% in both Yahoo and ESPN leagues. If you dropped him and were waiting for this stretch, you're a bit too late, but hopefully lucky enough to see him on your waiver wire. It seems like everybody else is lagging behind in reacting to this trend, so make the move!

Martin Prado is the next name that jumps into my mind. While his ownership is about double that of Bregman's right now at just under 60% in ESPN and Yahoo leagues, his average has been so valuable that I think a roster in every league could find a use for him. Aside from the top tier, corner infielders haven't been too great this season, and while owners don't often think they can make up ground in a rotisserie league with regards to average, Prado's insertion into your lineup will test that assumption to the max. Points leagues he is a no brainer, head-to-head the same, but his Roto value is coming around, even in a lineup that will likely see a run fall off with Stanton gone for the rest of the year. The craziest thing? He is probably the hottest he has been as season right now. .325 season average, .364 average in his last 30, .392 average in his last 15. Sign me up.

On the pitching side during this point in the season, leashes are shorter and I'm less and less impressed by blip outings. The simple fact is a lot of owners aren't desperate for an SP that will take off and land in the top 30 over the next month and a half. They've likely made a trade before their league's trade deadline to combat this and and are now just nabbing SPs on a whim to see what happens. Going forward match ups and two-start SPs are the focus.

One arm I have my eye on is David Phelps. It was a joke that he was priced at around the $4,000 for his last start on DraftKings and it's slightly less of a joke that he is still under 50% owned in ESPN and Yahoo leagues - only 18% owned on ESPN! Although I don't like cross league comparisons, Phelps path to the rotation he is currently in screams Danny Duffy.

Duffy has been quoted as saying that the bullpen is one of the best things to ever happen to him as he learned to go right at hitters and trust his stuff. A few weeks ago Phelps went through a very similar transition back to the rotation and the results have been great. His last three starts have with them 17 strikeouts over 14.2 innings, a 1.84 ERA and a 1.16 WHIP. He's had a mix in opponent talent and we haven't seen him stretch out past six innings yet, but I don't think it's long before we do. Instead of gambling on guys like Reynaldo Lopez and Jeff Hoffman, take the success Phelps has had and run with it.

Broxton and Jankowski Might be the Same Player

Keon Broxton - Alright so maybe they aren't the exact same player, but the purpose you have them in your lineup is exactly the same - to steal bases. On one hand I'm glad that guys like this are finally seeing ownership spikes because of their value in steals. On the other hand, I'd rather have Travis Jankowski for the rest of the season, and their ownership percentages aren't too far off. Sure the Brewers run more than any team in baseball, but Broxton's rating over his last few games has been inflated by a 5-for-5 game back on August 6th. That's why his average when sorting by his last 15 games is above .400, and there's a good chance that he wasn't on your radar before that point. Grab him for steals, but if Jankowski is for some reason available, he's the first that should be owned. (13% owned ESPN, 15% owned Yahoo)

Alex Gordon - I had an interesting moment this morning as I went through all my league's waivers to see if Gordon was available. Expecting to grab him in at least one league, to my dismay, he was gone everywhere. The funniest thing is that looking each league's activity, he hadn't been added in the past few days - which would signal somebody beat me to him. When I then looked at where the teams that owned him were in the standings in these leagues, there was a theme - clearly in the bottom half. So I now anoint Gordon as the player everybody who has bailed on fantasy baseball kept on their roster and didn't drop - I assume just so I couldn't get to him. It may be bold, but he should be owned everywhere. Yes, everywhere. He is what the kids call 'en fuego' at the moment (9 game hitting streak with homers in three straight) and if he's a top 20 outfielder for the rest of the season I wouldn't be shocked at all. Never count the Royals out. (18% owned ESPN, 36% owned Yahoo)

Mitch Haniger - Chances are you have no idea who this is and that is completely ok. Honestly, I didn't know who he was until CBS Fantasy expert Scott White mentioned him in a tweet upon his call up. A quick gander at his Fagraph's page and I was intrigued (.351 AVG, 19 HR, 12% walk rate, .769 SLG). Chase field is a great park to hit in, Dave Stewart is crazy, and while he was out in a hitter friendly minor league park this season which may have inflated his stats, his walk rate and pop should translate well enough to keep him in the lineup for a bit. He's a deep league find and one of my favorite options this weekend. (2% owned ESPN, 0% owned Yahoo)

Dansby Swanson -  He is a cornerstone for the Braves moving forward, but I'm not betting he'll be the cornerstone for your fantasy team rest of season. He may catch a little fire before pitchers get a book on him (2-for-8 so far), but to me his swing at the moment doesn't spell power. His .402 SLG at AA agrees and aside from a lineup filler every now and then I really don't think he's worth owning almost anywhere outside of dynasty leagues. The fact that his ownership percentage is even comparable to Bregman's at the moment is pretty insane to me. (21% owned ESPN, 19% owned Yahoo)

Brandon Moss - Starting against lefties in a lineup that needs pop, he's ownable in most leagues where you need outfield or corner help. Four homers in his last 15 games with a decent average, he'll likely have some solid RBI chances coming up and if he gets hot like he has at points this season he can carry your team for a bit. (44% owned ESPN, 42% owned Yahoo)

Reynaldo Lopez - No doubt that yesterday's start for him was stellar. 11 strikeouts for any pitcher needs to be looked at, I don't care what team it is against, but the concerning thing is that he's only had success against the Braves so far in his career. The first time it came with only two strikeouts and next week he is set up for probably the worst two starts match up wise among all two-start options. At Baltimore, who have been great versus righties this season, and in Coors. RIP to Lopez's ownership percentage next weekend, but if you're really desperate I could be convinced to hold him just to see what happens. (14% owned ESPN, 14% owned Yahoo)

Jeff Hoffman - I'm just really not inspired by what he has done in the minor leagues to give him a shot anywhere. Domenic Lanza of our very own Fake Team said it best with this post. Just a huge gamble, and for any Rockies' SP at this point in the season I want to see multiple starts before I determine value. If those multiple starts means somebody else grabs him, then so be it! (1% owned ESPN, 1% owned Yahoo)

Best of luck this week, as always I'm available on Twitter for any questions! @LanceBrozdow