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20-20 Club: An Update on the Class of 2016

20 Homeruns! 20 Steals! Who will do it this season?

Can Ian Desmond finish off his 4th 20-20 season?
Can Ian Desmond finish off his 4th 20-20 season?
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20 Homeruns! 20 Stolen bases! Such an exclusive achievement for baseball players to accomplish. Fantasy owners look at these players in a different light because of their ability to accumulate both of these very important stats in one season. Unfortunately, hitting 20 homeruns and stealing 20 bases is becoming a lost art. Here is a look at the total number of players to obtain this feat of the past several seasons:

12 guys in 2011
10 guys in 2012
9 guys in 2013
5 guys in 2014
4 Guys in 2015

Here are the 4 guys to go 20-20 last season: Manny Machado, Paul Goldschmidt, Ryan Braun, & A.J. Pollock. Machado hasn't successfully stolen a base all season and Pollock hasn't even stepped on the field this year. Goldschmidt is currently on pace to repeat 20-20 this season and Braun is just off pace.

Wil Myers became the first member of the 2016 20-20 club earlier this month! He has cooled off a bit since his red hot June, but despite hitting .226 he stole 8 bases in July. He has an outside shot at 30-30 as well, currently pacing 1 steal shy of the feat.

Mike Trout stole his 20th base of the year last night making him the second member of the 20-20 club this season. This marks the 3rd time Trout has gone 20-20 in his career. A consensus top draft pick, Trout has done nothing to disappoint fantasy owners this year. Let's see who's on their way to joining him and Myers:

Players on pace for a 20-20 season (stats are through Aug 15th):

Player, Team Pos R HR RBI SB AVG Remaining Games HR Pace SB Pace
Wil Myers, SD 1B 78 23 70 21 0.276 44 32 29
Mike Trout, LAA OF 91 23 76 20 0.311 44 32 27
Jose Altuve, Hou 2B 86 19 73 26 0.362 44 26 36
Mookie Betts, Bos OF 91 26 84 18 0.313 45 36 25
Ian Desmond, Tex OF 83 20 70 17 0.291 42 27 23
Charlie Blackmon, Col OF 80 21 60 15 0.323 43 29 20
Bryce Harper, Wsh OF 61 20 59 15 0.240 45 28 21
Paul Goldschmidt, Ari 1B 72 18 74 17 0.299 44 25 23
Melvin Upton Jr., Tor OF 48 16 47 23 0.244 43 22 31
Francisco Lindor, Cle SS 80 14 61 15 0.309 46 20 21

When I wrote the first post back in June we had 10 players on pace for 20-20. We still have 10 players, but we have 4 new names. Of the 6 repeat names 5 of them (Myers, Altuve, Trout, Betts, Desmond) should come as no surprise. Melvin Upton however, stands out on this list. He stays just on pace despite not hitting a homerun since July 8th. He is also batting just .167 since he was traded to the Blue Jays. His 20-20 season won't come to fruition if he continues his recent production.

Jose Altuve could join Myers and Trout in the 20-20 club any day now. The Astros second baseman needs only 1HR for his 20th. Altuve is having an MVP caliber year and is the top fantasy player in the majority of formats. 20-20 would cap off his incredible season and help legitimize his case for #1 overall pick in 2017 drafts.

Speaking of MVP, just a reminder of Mookie Betts insane pace: 130R 37HR 120RBI 26SB .313AVG

Ian Desmond, Charlie Blackmon, and Bryce Harper have all reached 20HR, but still need to maintain their stolen base pace to hit 20-20 by seasons end. Desmond, a 20-20 regular over the past several seasons, is looking to get back to the milestone after missing it last year. Blackmon, who now has a career high in homeruns, looks to get his 1st 20-20 season if he can swipe 5 more bases. After hitting no homeruns in July, the Rockies outfielder has been on a power surge with 9 HR so far in August. Harper has been a major disappointment for fantasy owners. Despite an incredible April, many fantasy players may be surprised to see his name on this list. He is batting just .228 since May 1st, but has actually kept 20-20 pace. Most owners are still let down though. They were expecting a lot more from the Nationals All-Star.

Paul Goldschmidt and Francisco Lindor were both just off pace for 20-20 back in June. They are both currently on pace to hit the milestone in 2016. They are the only players currently on pace despite not already having 20HR or 20SB already achieved. Goldschmidt is trying to go 20-20 for the second straight season. Lindor, who is pacing at 20-21, has the weakest threat of any players currently paced at 20-20. Hitting this mark would be a cherry on top for Lindor. He is having an incredible season and his Indians are as well.

Players just off pace for a 20-20 season (stats are through Aug 15th):

Player, Team Pos R HR RBI SB AVG Remaining Games HR Pace SB Pace
Ryan Braun, Mil OF 61 22 65 13 0.328 46 31 18
Ian Kinsler, Det 2B 92 22 63 13 0.288 44 30 18
Xander Bogaerts, Bos SS 82 14 69 13 0.312 45 19 18
Anthony Rendon, Wsh 3B 67 15 54 12 0.263 45 21 17
Eduardo Nunez, SF 3B 56 13 50 29 0.287 44 18 40
Leonys Martin, Sea OF 45 13 36 12 0.240 45 18 17

Ryan Braun and Ian Kinsler were both in need of more steals to pace at 20-20 back in June, they still need more steals, but they now find themselves just off pace to hit the achievement. Braun, a 4 time 20-20 player, is looking to join Goldschmidt in being the only 2 repeat players from last season. Kinsler, whose stats mirror those of Braun's, (although Kinsler has 31 more runs scored) is looking to be 20-20 for the first time since 2011. He is currently having his best statistical season since that year, a 30-30 effort.

Xander Bogaerts, Eduardo Nunez, and Leonys Martin all fall out of being on pace back in June. Bogaerts is having similar stats to Lindor. His 2 less SB puts him just off pace for 20-20. Fantasy owners can't be too disappointed in the Red Sox shortshop this year. Nunez, very similarly to Upton, has struggled recently after a hot start to the season. Before last night, his last homerun was July 9th. Still, he is only hitting .222 since becoming a member of the Giants. He had an outside chance at 20-20 earlier this season, but those odds are becoming slimmer and slimmer. Martin has had a very quite 13-12 season up to this point. His .240 batting average may be a big reason why. A 20-20 season isn't out of reach for the Mariners outfielder, but it would come as a surprise.

Anthony Rendon is the only member of this list who did not appear at all in my June update. He showed 20-20 potential back in 2014, but battled injuries for much of 2015 and put up a disappointing season. His 2016 has flown under the radar, but his July (6HR 4SB) has put him just off pace for a 20-20 year.

Players needing more power for a 20-20 season (stats are through Aug 15th):

Player, Team Pos R HR RBI SB AVG Remaining Games HR Pace SB Pace
Odubel Herrera, Phi OF 64 12 41 19 0.285 43 16 26
Hernan Perez, Mil 3B 31 9 38 20 0.288 46 13 28
Freddy Galvis, Phi SS 46 11 47 12 0.230 43 15 16

Odubel Herrera, Hernan Perez, and Freddy Galvis will most likely all fall short of the 20-20 mark. They will all need more homeruns in the final months if they hope to reach the milestone. Herrera has continued his surprising HR total, but he has struggled in other areas. He had a 12.94% walk rate and a 18.45% strikeout rate through my first update in June, both worlds better than his numbers in 2015. Since then his walk rate has dropped to 7.14% and his strikeout rate is up to 20.88%. Owners hope he is able to improve back to his early 2016 self. How Herrera's Phillies teammate Freddy Galvis is pacing close to 20-20 is beyond me, and probably him as well. The .230 hitter is by far the strangest name I am typing about in this post. His number come in very short bursts throughout the season, so owning him, even in an NL only, can be frustrating. Hernan Perez probably won't reach 20-20 this year, but what he has done this season is remarkable. Check out more on him here via Faketeams own Laura Holt. Perez has 9HR and 20SB despite only 240AB this season! Give him a modest 380AB and he could have 14HR and 32SB! This gives him a solid chance at 20-20 next season if he keeps the production up and is given the playing time.

Players needing more speed for a 20-20 season (stats are through Aug 15th):

Player, Team Pos R HR RBI SB AVG Remaining Games HR Pace SB Pace
Rougned Odor, Tex 2B 70 22 60 11 0.279 42 30 15
Gregory Polanco, Pit OF 61 17 65 11 0.277 46 24 15
Jason Kipnis, Cle 2B 71 20 65 11 0.290 46 28 15
Carlos Correa, Hou SS 59 18 82 10 0.277 44 25 14

Rougned Odor, who has 6HR 4SB and a .298AVG over the past 30 days, is looking for his first 20-20 season, but could fall short in stolen bases. He still has managed to improve statistically in each of the past 3 seasons. A 20-20 season is likely in the future, perhaps the near future. Fellow Texas based player, Carlos Correa, has all the tools to hit 20-20 at a regular basis. The Astros shortstop still has a 162 game average of 30-18 which isn't much to complain about. Gregory Polanco was on pace for 20-20 earlier this season. He surprisingly is in need of more speed to get back on pace. With 27SB a year ago, Polanco figures to be more than capable of reaching the accomplishment in future seasons.

Jason Kipnis, who recently hit his career high 20th homerun of the season, needs more steals to achieve 20-20. Kipnis has two 30 stolen base seasons under his belt, so getting 9 more this year wouldn't be unreasonable. If he can keep up his past 30 days of production (6HR 6SB .344AVG), he could be a member of the 20-20 club this season.

Final Prediction for the 2016 20-20 Club:

Wil Myers*
Mike Trout*

Jose Altuve
Ian Desmond
Mookie Betts
Paul Goldschmidt
Ian Kinsler

This was my prediction back in June and I feel confident in my selections. The one exception is that I now feel another member has joined the fray:

Charlie Blackmon

Please leave comments if you have any further questions and feel free to let me know what you found most interesting in this research. Thanks for the read!