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5ive Guys to Stream: Week 17 (Aug 1 - Aug 7)

Two-start pitchers litter week 17's edition of 5ive Guys to Stream.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports
Jimmy Nelson @ SD & @ ARI (20% owned ESPN)

Mon, Aug 1 & Sun, Aug 7

Although Nelson has a 1.50 WHIP over his last three starts he does own a sparkling 2.16 ERA and 9.18 K/9. He has looked a little better than decent as of late and he gets the Padres (10th) and Diamondbacks (11th) who both rank in the bottom five of the NL in wOBA over the last two weeks. Nelson has produced 11 quality starts of his 21 games started. That's just about 50%. I think he'll add two more this week and get that QS% up past 50% after this week.

James Paxton vs BOS & vs LAA (14% owned ESPN)

Mon Aug 1 & Sun, Aug 7

The lefty has been up-and-down all season but has recently put together a short stretch of good starts. Over his last two starts he owns a 3.00 ERA to go along with a 15K:2BB on 12 IP. The match ups are not bad this week given the fact that the Red Sox aren't nearly as hot as they were for most of the season. They've cooled off a bit and if you're going to go for a streamer with two starts that has to play BOS it's better when they're away from Fenway. Although the Angels are hot right now offensively, I think they will cool off during a road trip. Paxton is not a bad play this week, but he's also not a great play. Have fun streaming.

Dylan Bundy vs TEX & @ CWS (11% owned ESPN)

Tues Aug 2 & Sun, Aug 7

Bundy has been on everyone's radar this year and he's finally available to pitch in the rotation. He holds a beautiful 2.70 ERA in Camden Yards where he'll face TEX. Since becoming a starter, Bundy has a nice 17K:4BB over 14 IP only allowing 12 hits in that span. Chicago on the road might look like HR haven but Bundy is slowly improving with each start and I think by the time he gets to Cellular Field he'll have a good feel now for starting.

Jose Berrios @ CLE* & @ TB* (7% owned ESPN)


We know for sure he will be called up on Monday, but don't know if he'll pitch that day or Tuesday. Monday would seem like the logical choice knowing it would be on his normal rest. The match up versus the Indians doesn't look mighty intriguing, but @ TB is always a nice confidence booster for the kid. He's looked like his old 2015 stunning self since being demoted to AAA earlier this year. Over 16 games started for Rochester, Jose has gone 10-5 and sports a 2.44 ERA with 111K over 103.1 innings pitched. In July alone he has a 38K:8BB ratio and holds a 2.08 ERA. The guy has nothing to prove and will most likely stay in the Majors for the rest of 2016.

Tyler Skaggs @ SEA (32% owned ESPN)

Sat, Aug 6

Skaggs' debut was nothing short of spectacular. After not pitching for a season and a half in the majors Tyler looks like he hasn't missed a beat. To go 7 scoreless innings versus any team in the league is impressive, it's even more so he did it against the defending champs... and even more so did it while allowing only 3 hits against one of the best contact hitting teams in the league. Well done young man. You've earned yourself many roster spots in the fantasy world. Next week is Seattle who ranks 11/15 in the AL in wOBA versus LHP. I think this is as good a match up as any this week. Give the young Angel a shot this week. I doubt he disappoints you.