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Hocking a LOOGY - The Other Harper Brother Now at AAA

Bryan Harper may soon join his brother, Bryce, in DC

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Bryce Harper has the skill-set to win a fantasy baseball championship by himself.  His brother, Bryan Harper, is not going to win you a fantasy baseball title this season or any season.  Bryce may go down as one of the best hitters ever as well as one of the best overall players to be drafted #1 overall.  Bryan, on the other hand, is an excellent relief pitcher, but odds are he will never be confused with Billy Wagner.

When you are out tossing a ball with your son in the backyard you tend to imagine him making it to the pros and emulating a player like Bryce Harper.  However, the LOOGY is a more realistic and long lasting career dream.  A LOOGY is a 'Left-Handed One Out Guy'.  He is your team's match-up pitcher - preferably against tough left-handed bats.   In my opinion, Billy Wagner is the greatest LOOGY of all time.

Bryan Harper, 26, has been drafted twice by the Washington Nationals.  He was originally drafted in the 31st round of 2008 before the 30th round of 2011.  He has now also been promoted to AAA Syracuse for the second time.  He ended 2015 with Syracuse before starting 2016 at AA Harrisburg.  You won't find this Harper on any top 100 prospect lists, but at his position he is one of the best.

His 2016 has been fantastic so far.  In 20 appearances for Harrisburg, Bryan compiled a 2-1 record with a 1.50 ERA. His WHIP was excellent at 0.79 allowing a  paltry .146 opposing batting average with a K:BB ratio of 21:7.  Harper was also 6 for 7 in save opportunities.  On Monday, his first appearance with AAA Syracuse, he pitched a scoreless frame inducing three ground ball outs on just five pitches.

Bryan Harper may be looking at a September call-up from the Nationals if he keeps these numbers up.  He may also have the opportunity to make a title run with his little brother in DC this fall.  If your league counts holds as a stat he may be worth a look at that time.  If your league doesn't count holds, then at least have your son continue to practice throwing with his left hand.