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5ive Guys to Stream: Week 11 (June 13 - 19)

Let's hit the road. This week's streamers all find themselves in a better ballpark than their home park. We'll keep the ball in the yard this week with these 5ive guys.

Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Brandon Finnegan @ ATL (12% owned ESPN)

Tues, June 14

By now you ought to understand that we stream against the Braves, like clockwork. They have made so-so pitchers look astonishing. The pitiable Atlanta Braves have both the lowest Hard% rate and the lowest HR/FB% in the league. I am the least bit worried about Brandon turning in a quality start this Tuesday.

If you haven't noticed, maybe you should; Brandon Finnegan has been a pretty solid streamer all year. In particular, on the road; 3.22 ERA, .195 BAA, and only 2 HRA through 36.1 IP. He does have a second start this week after ATL, in HOU that I don't particularly like. So if you are in a weekly league you might have to bite the bullet and take the extra IP for a rough time in HOU, but it might be completely worth it knowing he has the ability to shutout the Braves.

Anthony DeSclafani @ ATL (16% owned ESPN)

Wed, June 15

By now you ought to understand that we stream against the Braves, like clockwork.

DeSclafani just came off of the DL and he should've been on your stash list if you play in deeper leagues. He has good enough stuff to be used in 14-team leagues and deeper. Last year, during his age 25 season, Anthony tossed a respectable 184.2 innings with a 3.67 FIP. That's not too shabby considering that a little more than half of those innings were in his hitter-friendly home park.

2015 Home ERA: 5.11

2015 Away ERA: 3.00

That's a substantial difference. Start him on the road this week against a lackluster offense.

Colby Lewis @ OAK (49% owned ESPN)

Thurs, June 16

Speaking of home/road splits, here are Colby's:

Home: 44 IP, 4.50 ERA, .286 BAA, .347 wOBAA

Away: 40 IP, 1.35 ERA, .171 BAA, .214 wOBAA

If that doesn't grab your attention, maybe the fact that the Athletics have the lowest wRC+ in the AL vs RHP this year does. Statistically all signs point to a quality start here for Colby. Speaking of quality starts; Colby has twirled 11 of them in his first 13 starts this year.

Jon Gray @ MIA (37% owned ESPN)

Fri, June 17

Easily my favorite match up this week. I'm a huge proponent of Jon Gray and love using him on the road even though his road splits are skewed from a 3.1 IP-9 ER game. Don't pay attention to that road split; it's misleading. Pay attention to his K%; it's up to 30% on the road. That's impressive for any pitcher let alone a second year guy with an even 100 IP in his young career.

Over the past month the Marlins rank in the bottom five in BB% and K% as a team. They haven't been showing any plate discipline whatsoever and deserve to be streamed against. Jon Gray should have his way against the Marlins in their vast ballpark. I'm streaming away this time around, but also holding on to Gray since he's lined up to pitch in New York (Yankees) the following week. I like that match up as well.

Michael Pineda @ MIN (44% owned ESPN)

Sat, June 18

Pineda has absolutely been getting shelled this year. It's hard to trust him, but I see signs of a turnaround: his last 22.1 innings have looked a lot better with a 2.93 FIP and a HR/9 cut in half at .81 from his season-long number of 1.64. Minnesota has a giant park that suppresses homeruns. Add that to the fact that the Twins have an accumulative team wOBA of .312 at home this year. This might be the sketchiest streaming option of the five guys this week, but I just simply have a good feeling about Pineda turning things around.

Good luck and stream away.