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5ive Guys to Stream: Week 5 (May 2 - 8)

Quinn brings some streamer options to your attention in this week's edition of: 5ive Guys to Stream.

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Since everything looked pretty decent last week (scroll to bottom to see last weeks results), I'm going to go with the same game plan: attack offenses that show poor plate discipline skills as a whole. The chart below is sorted by SwStk% (swings and misses / total pitches seen) then sorted further by below-league-average Contact% for the past 14 days.


Team Contact% F-Strike% SwStr%
Rays 72.10% 63.50% 12.90%
Phillies 75.30% 59.40% 11.80%
Indians 77.00% 62.60% 10.80%
Tigers 76.80% 59.30% 10.60%
Mets 76.00% 54.20% 10.50%
Astros 76.50% 56.70% 10.50%
Orioles 77.40% 60.70% 10.50%
Braves 78.40% 61.70% 10.50%
Blue Jays 75.80% 63.10% 10.30%
Mariners 77.60% 62.10% 10.30%
Dodgers 76.60% 59.10% 10.20%
Cardinals 78.60% 61.80% 10.00%
Pirates 77.50% 54.80% 9.90%
Twins 78.60% 57.70% 9.30%
League Average 78.66% 59.89% 9.69%

Lets avoid the Mets, Jays, Cardinals, Tigers, Pirates and Mariners since they are all in the top ten for wRC+ over the past week:

Bartolo Colon (17% owned ESPN) vs ATL Monday, May 2 and @ SD Saturday, May 7

Bartolo Colon gets his first two-start week of 2016 and it looks juicy. He gets Atlanta at home on Monday then goes down to pitcher-friendly PetCo to face the Pads on Saturday. Colon has had a few good starts and one mediocre start. As far as his next match up goes, the active Braves roster has historically been bad against Colon. Through 193 AB, they have accumulated a .259/.298/.383 slash line to go along with only 2 HR (both by AJ Pierzynski). Since the beginning of last year, Bartolo has gone 4-0 against the Braves in 5 games. He has their number.

As far as the Padres match up on Saturday, I'm a bit hesitant because the Padres have turned it on lately, but then again Saturday is a week from now... Screw it, look for your closest Bartolo Colon bobble-head doll somewhere in your closet and ask him if he thinks you should start him for both games. He'll give you the nod. You should give him one back.

Matt Moore (51% owned ESPN) vs LAD Tuesday, May 3

I offered Matt Moore last week against a tough right-handed-hitting line up. Everything went exceptional except a hanger he left up to Reimold for a 3-run HR. Other than that he pitched awfully well and continues to look like his old self.

He faces a Dodger lineup that has really struggled against LH pitchers (.243/.308/.390). Plus, he is lucky enough to get them on the road at Tropicana. Moore has pitched 26.2 of his 32 innings at home this season and looks pretty comfortable there with a BAA of .194 and a xFIP of 2.88. It looks like another QS for Matt.

He goes to Anaheim for his second start of the week. I am on the edge as far as starting Moore on the road here. The Angels hit lefties really hard so far this season and Pujols/Trout are starting to turn it on. Daily leagues should start him once vs LAD, sit him @ LAA. Weekly leagues start if you're in need of IP and Ks.

Nick Tropeano (7% owned ESPN) @ MIL Tuesday, May 3

Nick has yet to break into the 6th inning this year over his first four starts. I think this is the first game he does. None of the Brewer's hitters have seen Nick pitch and that is an advantage in itself. MIL almost got no-hit a couple days ago and Tropeano has great K9 numbers. I predict he strikes out at least 7 batters in this one and picks up the QS. Fire him up for Tuesday.

Wei-Yin Chen (62% owned ESPN) vs PHI Friday, May 6

The first-year Marlin has 4 straight quality starts. The Phillies have a league-low wRC+ of 50 vs LHP. The Phillies have a league-low K% of 29.7% vs LHP. The Phillies are a combined 3/21 off of Chen with 1 XBH. The Phillies... okay I'm done. Enough said.

Justin Nicolino (1% owned ESPN) vs PHI Sunday, May 8

He gets two starts this week but I am only considering his match up with the soft hitting Phillies. Justin is also a lefty so all of the same analytical research is relevant for this game as well. He pitched a great game in his first start in a tough environment against a tough team. He gets a weak team on Sunday and I expect him to go 6 strong while only giving up a couple of runs.

Good luck this week. Stream away.


Last Week

Last week went well for the most part. Four out of the 5ive guys I wrote about had decent/good outings. Cover-boy of last week's edition threw a wrench in everything. Here were the results.

Gausman 0 1 0 5 3 1 2 7
Jimenez 0 1 1 6 6 3 3 6
Moore 0 1 1 7 3 3 2 9
Wood 0 0 1 7 5 1 1 9
Ray 0 1 0 4 7 5 2 5

Total 0 4 3 29 24 13 10 36

Combined ERA Combined WHIP Combined K/9 Combined BB/9
4.03 1.17 11.2 3.1

If you dismiss Ray from the group, everything looks pretty:

Gausman 0 1 0 5 3 1 2 7
Jimenez 0 1 1 6 6 3 3 6
Moore 0 1 1 7 3 3 2 9
Wood 0 0 1 7 5 1 1 9

Total 0 3 3 25 17 8 8 31

Combined ERA Combined WHIP Combined K/9 Combined BB/9
2.88 1.00 11.2 2.9

Hopefully you didn't get mauled by Ray and picked up any of the other 4our guys.