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Kyle Schwarber out for the year

We now have news on the seriousness of Kyle Schwarber's injury.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Minutes ago, it was reported that Cubs outfielder/catcher/power hitter Kyle Schwarber will miss the 2016 season due to a serious knee injury, from Jesse Rogers, Cubs beat reporter for ESPN:

And here is more from Will Carroll, managing editor of FanDuel, and former injury expert:

This news benefits outfielder Jorge Soler, who should take over as the primary left fielder, but we could also see Kris Bryant in left field, with Tommy La Stella playing third base. Once Javier Baez returns from his wrist injury, which could take another week or so, Baez could see time at third base or left and center field as well. Solar is available in 55% of ESPN leagues while Baez is available in over 80% of leagues right now, so grab one or both if you need an outfielder or utility player.