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FanDuel has tweaked their scoring for daily fantasy baseball in 2016

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

For fantasy owners who were unaware (I just noticed this myself on opening day), FanDuel has tweaked their scoring for MLB contests in 2016. The changes aren't huge, but you will notice much larger point totals going forward. Here is the new scoring system:


Single = 3 points

Double = 6

Triple = 9

Home Run = 12

RBI = 3

Run = 3

Walk = 3

Stolen base = 6

Hit by pitch = 3


Win = 12

Earned run = -3

Strikeout = 3

Inning pitched = 3

Essentially, everything was multiplied by 3 from last season, so final point totals at the end of contests are going to triple from where they were in 2015. The ratios remain the same, though, so those changes are more cosmetic than anything meaningful.

The most meaningful change is that hitters are no longer penalized for making outs. Last year, hitters were deducted -0.25 points for every out they made.