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FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball (DFS) picks for Wednesday, April 27

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Reminder: Always double check the lineup card before rosters lock to make sure that a player you've chosen to roster is playing that day, and check the weather to make sure your players won't get rained out of their game.

FanDuel has made some tweaks to their scoring criteria for 2016. Check that out here. FanDuel is also only available to play for money in specific states. See their website for more details to see if FanDuel is playable for cash in your home state.

For pitching, I think I'm leaning towards a salary relief play to load up on hitting. The Red Sox get a crack at Bud Norris and his 6+ ERA over the last 2 years, and one pitcher I'm considering is knuckle baller Steven Wright ($6,900), who pitches for the Red Sox against that rancid Braves team. The Braves have only hit 3 home runs all season, and their best hitter, Freddie Freeman, appears to not be over his wrist injury that bothered him last year and early this spring. Wright is only an average or below average pitcher, but the Braves lineup will make that play up, and with Bud Norris on the mound, run support looks good.

Jose Berrios, who is being called up today to start against the Indians, is another pitcher I would target, but he is currently not in the FanDuel system. I don't know if he will be by game time. Berrios is one of the top pitching prospects in baseball and has a 28% strikeout rate in Triple A over the last 2 years.

For hitting, a few weak pitchers jump out in matchups that hitters could thrive in. The first one is Jeremy Hellickson against the Nationals. Hellickson is a significantly below average pitcher, and the Phillies bullpen behind him is largely a dumpster fire, so the Nationals will continue to get hacks at bad pitching even after Hellickson leaves. Bryce Harper ($5,700) is obviously an elite play any day, but even more so today. Daniel Murphy ($3,500), who I've written a lot about in the last 3 months, is another strong play. He's hit for significant power for a 2B since making a mechanical adjustment last season.

In Coors Field, 3B David Freese ($3,400) has a reasonable price and bats third in the order for the Pirates. Freese is only a slightly above average average hitter vs RHP, but he faces Jon Gray, a below average pitcher, and gets the great park effects with a good lineup slot. Andrew McCutchen is priced at $4,800, but coming off his 3 HR night, I fear he will be highly owned today.

Giancarlo Stanton ($4,600) has destroyed lefties in his career, especially for power with a .326 ISO, and he faces LHP Scott Kazmir, who appears to be a little dinged up right now with a finger issue on his throwing hand, which may be part of the reason why his ERA is over 6.

Fitting Stanton + Harper + Murphy into a lineup is possible with salary relief pitching. If Berrios is added, I expect his price to be low, too, based on how rookie starting pitchers were priced at first last year in FanDuel.

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