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FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball (DFS) picks for Tuesday, April 12: Brandon Belt, Joe Panik, Aaron Sanchez, more

I list some options a fantasy owner can consider using today on FanDuel.

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Reminder: Always double check the lineup card before rosters lock to make sure that a player you've chosen to roster is playing that day, and check the weather to make sure your players won't get rained out of their game.

FanDuel has made some tweaks to their scoring criteria for 2016. Check that out here. FanDuel is also only available to play for money in specific states. See their website for more details to see if FanDuel is playable for cash in your home state.

Coors Field

The Giants travel to Colorado today to face below average RHP Tyler Chatwood and some of their hitters aren't outrageously priced considering skill level and run scoring environment. 1B Brandon Belt ($4,000) has traditionally hit for much more home run power away from San Francisco (43 road HR vs 21 home HR) on the back of a significantly elevated home run to fly ball ratio (8% at home to 15.5% on the road). What that means is that more of Belt's fly balls leave the yard in road parks than his home park, which can be a tough place to hit homers. 2B Joe Panik ($3,600) is hitting second in the order in front of Buster Posey and has a career 123 wRC+ vs RHP dating back to his debut in 2014, and subjectively, I like his swing a lot. Panik won't hit for big power numbers, but he'll hit for average and get on base, and be in position to score some runs with Posey, Pence and Belt right behind him.

Salary relief pitcher: Aaron Sanchez ($6,700)

I usually like paying up for pitching and finding salary relief with hitters, but with the Giants in Coors Field today, I might be going in a different direction. Aaron Sanchez has always had a lot of talent, but hasn't been able to put things together as a starter, particularly because of command problems. He's still just 23 years old, and a light may have clicked on for him in 2016. His debut drew a lot of great reviews from baseball people a lot smarter than me, impressed with the progress he's shown. He walked 0, struck out 8, and only gave up 5 hits. His swinging strike rate soared to 15%, significantly above where it had been prior in his career (about 7%). He also had an impressive spring in terms of command, which has been an issue for him in the past. It's obviously an incredibly small sample, and long term conclusions cannot be made with such a limited sample, but it's a very encouraging sign from a talent young pitcher who might finally be putting things together. Sanchez is still a risk, though, especially in Rogers Centre against a Yankees lineup that can score runs. I'd probably use a safer pitcher in a head to head game, but he's a risk that might pay off in a tournament format, especially if it allows a fantasy owner to load up on some Coors Field hitters.

Nelson Cruz ($4,200) vs Derek Holland

If a fantasy owner is thinking of paying up for an outfielder, Nelson Cruz is a good choice. Cruz is going to be a staple against most left handed pitchers this year. His 183 wRC+ vs LHP is 2nd best since 2014, behind only Josh Donaldson, and his .286 ISO is third best. Holland has been about average to below average vs RHB since 2014 with a .248/.312/.441 opposing slash line.

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