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FanDuel NBA DFS value picks for March 6th

1 deal at every position...

David Lee is incredibly efficient on the Mavs: Plug him in today!
David Lee is incredibly efficient on the Mavs: Plug him in today!
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We're about three quarters through the NBA season, and I'm excited.

(Note: I took way too many vitamins this morning.)

Some teams are switching up their strategies - opting to play their youngsters (if they're clearly out of the playoff race).

Keep your eye on those daily box scores.

Like Dylan said, times they are a changin'...

Let's start.

Isaiah Canaan, PHI, PG ($3700)

I hate recommending 76ers, but I do it all the time when I write about value. The issue is their rotations. For a team that is historically one of the worst ever, they are certainly not committed to any particular group of players. This makes it difficult in the stats prediction game - but also creates opportunity. Canaan fell apart last game - going 1/9 from the field to finish with 4 points. The previous 3 games? He averaged 16.0 PPG with modest counting stats. On a terrible team, he usually gets minutes/usage. I'd opt for him today as a money-saving option, but brace yourself as you select his name...

Gerald Green, MIA, SG ($3500)

Gerald Green has never been a reliable option. But he has always shown flashes of brilliance. One of the league's best dunkers of all time, that one skill has probably kept him in the league. He is a good scorer though - when he gets the opportunity. Miami is a team in flux right now. Lots of injuries and changing rotations make their lineup uncertain, but G2 did get 20 minutes of PT last game. He dropped 12 points and 2 3PM on poor 5/14 shooting from the field. He's certainly not a lock, but they could throw him out there again. He is capable of more if they take the leash off... Today's lottery ticket.

P.J. Tucker, PHX, SF ($4700)

The Suns are weird, dude. Every day is an adventure, and Tucker suffers because of that. He's also sporadically awesome. He's played over 30 MPG the last 5 games - with varying results. He's an intriguing, multi-cat performer - but very inconsistent. Last game, he got 7 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists and a steal. He's capable of more in every category - but also capable of less. He's getting the minutes though, and that generally leads to stats. PJ breaks out every now and then, so I like him as an intriguing option today for a decent price...

David Lee, DAL, PF ($4500)

David Lee has had somewhat of a career resurrection on the Mavs. He's currently the most efficient he's ever been in his career (impressive - since he's always been an efficient player). Lee is shooting a whopping 64.7% from the field! It's only been 5 games, but that's a positive sign. He's also averaging 8.4 REB playing less than 20 MPG! Last game, he went 12 & 11 in 18 minutes. Keep riding him until he falls apart. David Lee is in the zone, and it's time to take advantage in DFS...

Bismack Biyombo, TOR, C ($3900)

In the thin C position, you gotta take what you can get. Especially if you're trying to save dough. Biyombo is volatile, but has impressive upside. He's one of the rare players that really floats around his season line: 5.4 PPG, 8.0 REB, 1.6 BLK. With that said, he's at career highs in terms of points and rebounds per game this season, so he's a useful option for a great price... Capable of more, but more likely to give you less...

So the vitamins are wearing off, but I still believe in you!

You're gonna win today, honey.

Are you working out?

Man, your skin is so shiny!

Can I get a raise?