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Tout Wars Auction Weekend

Ray has a busy weekend in store for him with the NL Tout Wars auction on Sunday morning at 10am.

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Hey folks. I have to apologize for not writing as much this week, as it has been a busy week for me. My consulting job ended on Tuesday, but I was right back into NYC for an interview on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday was the beginning of March Madness and St. Patty's Day, so i spent some time watching hoops and downing some cold Guinness.

I have a busy weekend as I have a soccer game to attend followed by a family event in North Jersey today, then I have the NL Tout Wars auction draft tomorrow morning at 10am at the SiriusXM studios in NYC. I will be looking to unseat Baseball Prospectus' Mike Gianella who won the league last season.

Below is a list of the NL-only participants, and it looks like a who's who of some of the best fantasy minds in the industry. There are two newcomers to the league this year, as Grey Albright moves over from the Mixed Draft league and Andy Behrens arrives from Tout AL.

The numbers in parentheses are the number of FAAB units each team starts with. Teams are penalized 10 units for each point they score fewer than 60 points in the previous year's standings.

2016 Tout Wars NL Only

Mike Gianella (1000) 2015 NL Champion
Tristan Cockcroft (1000) 2012, 2013, 2014 Champion
Grey Albright (1000) Transfer from Mixed Draft
Derek Carty (1000)
Ray Guilfoyle (1000)
Phil Hertz (1000)
Lenny Melnick (1000) 2002 NL Champion (with partner Irving Swilling)
Scott Wilderman (1000) 2003, 2006 NL Champion
Andy Behrens (1000) 2010 Mixed Auction Champion, Transfer from AL
Brian Walton (920) 2009 NL Champion
Steve Gardner (890) 2011 NL Champion
Todd Zola (860)

With all of my offseason preparation, rankings, profiles and draft strategies, I have a list of players I would like to target in tomorrow's draft, but I am having trouble nailing down my strategy. I have to say that having a strategy is important, but sometimes you have to adjust mid-draft based on pricing during the auction. I think I have a good feel for adjusting mid-draft, but I do want to go in with a strategy. I am tossing around a few ideas, but have not decided on one at the moment.

Make sure you check the Tout Wars site as you can follow the draft live and participate in a draft chat as well. You can find the Tout War site at

Those of you with SiriusXM, you can follow on the Fantasy Channel, channel 87 on XM.

You can follow the NL-only auction draft live in the link below:

Tout Wars NL-only auction

For those looking to follow the AL-only auction, click the link below:

Tout Wars AL only auction

Mike Trout went for $47. Whoa.