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FanDuel NBA DFS value picks for February 6th

1 deal at every position...

Is E'Twaun Moore coming into his own?
Is E'Twaun Moore coming into his own?
Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

If you're hungover, that just means it's working.

You know I'm right.

Let's begin.

Isaiah Canaan, PHI, PG ($3700)

He's dropped 18 twice in the last 3 games, with counting stat goodies across the board. For such a small price tag, he's a good pick tonight. You may want to pay close attention to Philly's box scores the next few weeks. I have a hunch that Canaan is starting to find his groove. Bigger games could be coming... There's always risk on the 76ers, but I would plug Isaiah in with confidence tonight.

E'Twaun Moore, CHI, SG ($4000)

More punctuation than stats, E'Twaun is starting to develop more confidence. 2 games ago, he scored a career-high 24 points - to go with lots of moderate counting stats. Last game, he went back to his usual conservative profile. He's certainly not a lock to go back into beast mode, and he's basically been an afterthought his entire career, but he's been playing over 30 MPG the last 5 games. There could be a story here. Maybe not a Robert Covington, but maybe something shortly less. He's a volatile option, but there is upside here for the bargain hunters...

Bogan Bogdanovic, BKN, SF ($3500)

Bogan went off last game - exploding for a season-high 23 points on 8/10 shooting from the field. This fact is mostly attributed to the 7 3PM he hit. Look: Bogan Bogdanovic is very inconsistent. But there is upside here. For DFS minimum price, I think it's worth seeing if a short-term confidence boost is in play. Last year, in his rookie season, he put together a really strong month or 2 in a row. Last night could have been the beginning of something more. For $3500, it's low risk, high reward...

Bobby Portis, CHI, PF ($3500)

8 points, 7 rebounds, 2 steals last night for Bobby Portis. He's not Jimmy Butler, but he's emerging. He's averaging over 20 MPG the last 5 games, and is capable of a lot more. Rookies are always intriguing - as you never quite know what to expect... He's intriguing though. He's looking like more of a Justise Winslow DFS option right now (solid but unspectacular), but more is possible... He's the cheapest power forward you can find with the highest upside tonight...

Alex Len, PHX, C ($4600)

He's been off lately, but just grabbed a career-high 18 boards last game. That came with 12 points and some moderate counting stats. I always like hearing the words "career-high" when it comes to young players: that means there is even more potential to come. Bigger games/opportunity could be on the horizon, and in the thin C position, $4600 is a decent price for a streaky young center...

So that's 5 options for you to consider while contemplating hair of the dog.

It's a big decision.

You've got 2 days left to feel alive until you gotta see Rhonda in accounting Monday morning.

Did she really wear that sweater to work?

I know.