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Fantasy Hockey Mid-Point Trends and Pretends 17.0 (NHL Power Rankings)

Post All-Star trends. What to trust, what to watch out for. Which Divisions and areas of the country to trust for certain trends.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Breaking down any team trends by location and division. Some teams are more prone to power play points, points in general, penalties and have a stronger chance at making the playoffs. Below are 10 points that show trends with support for their continuance or not:

1. All 7 Canadien teams are in the bottom half of the league. I don't know the last time that could be said.4 of them are in the bottom 6 in the league. Looking further into the shot attempts % close, only two are looking favorable at a CHANCE at making the playoffs (Winnipeg Jets and Montreal Canadiens).

2. Among the Canadien teams, only two (Ottawa and Montreal) have an offense in the top 1/3 of the league, none have any defenses in the top third.

3. East Conference has scored 237 more goals than the West through the first half of this year. The West Conference has allowed 209 fewer goals. The West conference has tough defensive play but generally East Conference goalies are more sprinkled at the top of fantasy rosters currently.

4. Going a step further, the Atlantic Division is scoring the most (1,037 goals) and the Central Conference is allowing the fewest goals (911). The Central conference has Corey Crawford (a likely Vezina candidate), Pekka Rinne, Devan Dubnyk and young star Connor Hellebuyck to help their cause.

5. Atlantic also has the most Power Play Goals AND Power Play opportunities but is also short handed the most. You'll notice the last two columns in the graph below it's pretty fairly distributed across the divisions and one isn't being target on penalties unfairly without getting the opportunities too.

6. The Florida Effect: part of the impetus behind the Atlantics success started in the North with Montreal and Boston but has swayed lately to Florida. Furthermore, while the Panthers have become a feel good story of 2016 with the youngsters coming into their abilities alongside future HHOFer Jaromir Jagr, Tampa Bay has moved from 3rd to last in offense to 15th while their defense  also becoming sharper and sharper. The Panthers sit in the top 10 in both goals scored and goals against and the Lightning are 15th in goals scored and 5th in goals against.

7. Tides are turning in California over the last two weeks as Anaheim has won 6 of their last seven scoring at least 3 goals in each of their wins. Meanwhile LA has lost 4 of their last six allowing at least 3 in 3 of those five games. San Jose has remained very middle of the road going 3-3 over their last six with a  mix of highs and lows in goals scored and goals against. Anaheim will sustain some success, San Jose will stay in the middle as one player always steps it up for them (Tomas Hertl is having great month) but LA will turn their situation around as much of their unsuccessful stint was on the road and their shot attempts % close is in the top of the league. Vincent Lecavalier is having a great month for the Kings.

8. Speaking of shot attempts % close which helps predict future success for teams and has found to be one of the closest statistical links to playoff clinching teams: we all know the Central division is loaded with talented teams: they currently have 5 of their 7 teams in the top 12 of that category. The two that are NOT (Colorado and Minnesota) are in last and 20th. This division is headed towards success in points and in probably clinching both wild card spots.

9. Teams most likely to blow opponents out are in the Metropolitan, they have the top two teams winning games by at least 3 goals. Some extra point production from The Rangers and Capitals in that field. JT Miller is having a great month right now.

10. Teams most likely to GET blown out are ALSO in the Metropolitan: Blue Jackets and Hurricanes have the most games lost by 3+ goals so when a Metropolitan team is involved there is a better chance for some bonus points thrown in at the end of games but the winning team.

Goals For

Goals Against

PP Points

PP Opportunities

Times Short handed