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FanDuel NBA DFS value picks for February 3rd

1 deal at every position...

An injury to Deron Williams makes J.J. Barea a must-grab in DFS tonight...
An injury to Deron Williams makes J.J. Barea a must-grab in DFS tonight...
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We're at the bottom of the barrel, people.

As such, we're gonna take what we can get.

Let's scrape off what's there, and see what we end up with...

We begin.

J.J. Barea, DAL, PG ($3900)

Barea's value is inextricably bound to Deron Williams' health. D-Will is apparently hurt tonight, so Barea could have a monster game. Check out JJ's stats as a starter this season: 16.8 PPG, 51.5 FG%, 3.0 3PM, 51.1 3PT%, 2.4 REB, 5.5 AST. He is a mediocre backup PG, and a beastly starting PG. All the signs point to Barea going off tonight... Lock and load.

Wesley Matthews, DAL, SG ($4500)

Apparently I'm finding value on Dallas tonight. Matthews has been slumping badly recently, but there is piles of upside here. He's been terrible in 2016, but averaged 15.0 PPG in December (with lots of moderate counting stats). He's the contrarian pick tonight, but he has breakout potential every night. If you want explosive upside for a garage sale price, plug in Wes Matthews tonight.

Harrison Barnes, GS, SF ($4300)

There's always risk when you save money in DFS, and Harrison Barnes is no exception to that rule. While he's never realized the potential of his extreme college hype, Barnes is still a solid rotation player on a video game team. KD rumors aside, Barnes can play. His low price can be attributed to a December injury costing him the entire month. While he is not fully recovered yet, he is inching toward his previous value. In November, Barnes was at 14.1 PPG, 52.2 FG%, 1.4 3PM, 43.5 3PT%, 4.6 REB, 1.1 STL. He's not a beast, but he is a very efficient player with sneaky value when he's right. He's close to performing at the level he can, and that makes him under the radar...

Bobby Portis, CHI, PF ($3500)

Bobby Portis is my lottery ticket pick of the night. More hype than stats right now, Portis has done very little with the opportunities he's been given. Still, he gets minutes. And he put up a 16 & 8 game a couple weeks ago against GS. He's extremely risky, but there is upside here. Don't bank on him, but if you have very little money left, and you need to hit a HR in your power forward slot, roll the dice on Bobby Portis...

Kosta Koufos, SAC, C ($3600)

DeMarcus Cousins is the dreaded game-time decision tonight, and Kosta's fortunes hinge on this news. If Cousins plays less minutes/no minutes, K2 could go off. Cousins' usage is the highest in the NBA (35.8%), so reducing his minutes/touches spells more stats for his backups. He's a lock for a double double if Cousins sits, but it's a risky play. All depends on DeMarcus tonight. Volatile choice here, but it's always better to ask for forgiveness than permission...

So that's 5 guys I like for various reasons tonight.

No guarantees, but that's that thrill of DFS for you.

It's cheaper than skydiving.

And safer.

Your mother will thank me.

You're welcome.